OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Darkness on the Edge of Town”


Who would’ve thought that the day has finally come for the return of Once Upon A Time? Well, it has, and that means it is time for new recaps of the new episodes.

I’ll keep the recaps brief, but also check out my thoughts and all of the memorable quotes at the end.

In a ‘Forbidden Fortress’ of the past: Rumple mysteriously assembles the Queens of Darkness at Maleficent’s home. Though none of the three had any knowledge of why they were meeting, Rumple filled them in on that little reason.

The reason: Rumple wants get happy endings for them, but with the help of the Dark Curse, which they must collect.

Rumple brings them to where the Dark Curse is kept and after the Darkness Trio surpass some tricks, Rumple tricks them and abandons them in the cave, with a Chernabog, from Disney’s Fantasia, whose goal it is to seek out those with highest potential for darkness.

After some trials, the Trio leave behind the Chernabog in the cave.

In New York City: After finding Ursula working at an aquarium, Rumple has been doing his own investigation into getting back to Storybrooke, while crashing on Ursula’s couch.

To begin, he tracks Cruella to a fancy Long Island estate where her husband was arrested. Rumple recruits her to return to Storybrooke with them to get their ‘happy endings.’

They arrive near Storybrooke for Rumple to share his plan to get back into town. This involves tricking Regina via a ’90s era cell phone.

In Storybrooke: Six weeks after Rumple was banished and the Frozen trio returned to Arendelle, Storybrooke is normal for the first time in forever (Frozen pun)

Snow has returned to the school to teach, Regina has returned to her mayoral position, and Emma and Hook seem happy in the calm age of Storybrooke.

With Hook trying to redeem his mistake under the Rumple’s control, he and Belle are trying to free the fairies from the Sorcerer’s hat. Belle is even communicating with someone over the internet to translate some language (I guess Belle doesn’t know to not trust strangers).

Regina is also continuing the quest of Operation Mongoose with the help of Emma. Belle arrives and found a way to release the fairies from the hat.

Along with Snow, Hook, Emma, Regina and Belle use the dagger, hat box, and a spell to free the fairies. Little did they know that a creepy addition would be released.

During the party for the fairies return, Regina confronts Blue about The Author, and she reveals that while she knows the Sorcerer, him and The Author are two veerrry different people.

Of course, that’s when the trouble begins. The Chernabog escapes to cause havoc, again. Regina and Emma delay the beast, but need to get it out-of-town. She receives the call from Ursula, who claims she defeated Rumple and wants into town.

Regina agrees to let them in, if they explain how to defeat the Chernabog. Knowing the beast seeks dark hearts, Emma and Regina, in the yellow bug, drive the beast out-of-town.

Emma and Regina plan to bring the magic scroll, yes, that magic scroll, to break the town barrier for Ursula and Cruella. Emma first tells Snowing who seem oddly suspicious of the them entering the town.

They try to convince Emma to keep them out, but ultimately decides to let them in anyways. Later that night, Cruella and Ursula bring the scroll back for Rumple to cross.

Rumple lets them in on a secret that he has pulled all the strings when getting back to Storybrooke. He was the mysterious translator of magical spells. Next step: find Maleficent underneath the library. But, Rumple also reveals that the Chernabog was not after Regina’s dark heard, but Emma’s. Dun, dun, dun.

Deep in the night, Snow and Charming meet Ursula and Cruella where Snow threatens their lives if they tell anyone about their past. Now what has got Snowing so scared that they’re willing to go against some nasty villains?


  • Where is Will Scarlet?
  • So, are Cruella’s powers that she can talk to animals? A little anti-climactic if you ask me.
  • Hook and Belle are the friendship I never thought I wanted. They’ve come a long way.
  • I am a big fan of Snow returning to teach, much better choice than mayor.
  • Anyone else shocked by the complete lack of Charming in the premiere?
  • I like how we’re learning more about the origin of the infamous Dark Curse.
  • How out of place was that fast food bit? There was no mention or purpose, it just…happened.
  • As cool as Cruella’s car is, I don’t want to be a passenger if she’s driving.
  • It is so cute to see Emma use mom so regularly.
  • I cringed in pain as the yellow bug was destroyed.
  • Look’s like Rumple should also be Geppetto, cause someone was certainly pulling the strings.
  • Favorite Queen of Darkness?–Mine is Cruella!


“That’s not what you do, what you do is complain.”–Rumple to Ursula.

Cruella: “I’m not the religious type.” Rumple: “I can tell.”

“OK, Madam Mayor, ready to annouce Free the Fairies Day?”–Emma to Regina

“I suppose we go outside and see what is killing property value this time.”–Regina

“Can we drop the “E”-word?”–Regina, referencing her former queen status

“Is there a dwarf named evil-y?”–Regina

“Great, so our best defense against magical beast follows the same rules as Chicken Pox?”–Emma, about the Chernabog dilemma

What did you think of the spring premiere of Once Upon A Time? Should Belle ever forgive Rumple, especially considering his devious plan? Which story are you looking forward to most? Snowing’s secret, Emma’s heart, or the hunt for The Author.

Next Week: Maleficent is reunited with the rest of the Queens of Darkness and looks like we’ll learn about Snowing’s secret with them.

Until next week. 🙂


3 thoughts on “OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

  1. Rumpel’s character is in a really interesting spot for me now. I love how he has developed into evil from cowardness and then redeemed himself only to slip into his old ways. Again we can see his desperation and lack of learning. No doubt what Belle has done has sent him into darkness again. It’s also interesting to see some depth developing in Belle, how she was so matter of factly about being deceived only to reveal the hurt she’s feeling. I think if the writers play it smart, these two characters have a wealth of opportunity for development.

    As for the new characters, still not so hot on ursula’s costume…it’s kind of tacky. Interesting twist that Cruela had Rottweilers instead of dalmatians though on principle I am against further villainising certain breeds. As far as Maleficent goes, I wonder how the movie Maleficent impacts the viewer’s opinion of the character and whether the writers will take that into consideration.


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