OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Unforgiven”


Now, two episodes in, and were learning more about the Queens of Darkness’ motives.

First, revive Maleficent, but not if the Charming duo stop them. There also was plenty to learn from Snowing’s past, for one, why Emma can’t know their past with the Evil Trio.

Now check out the recap, along with my thoughts from the episode. Do you agree?

In Enchanted Forest: After their romantic honeymoon of being attacked by Medusa and Charming turning to stone, Snow and Charming return to their castle. But what happens when they arrive is that everyone in their kingdom has been put to sleep.

By who, you may ask? Not the obvious answer of Regina (Snowing’s first guess, too), but the Queens of Darkness, Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent.

The reason for their visit is to tell them the truth about the Dark Curse. The Queens of Darkness (QoD, for short) tell them of a Tree of Wisdom, which only two ‘valiant heroes’ can ask how to defeat the Curse.

When they arrive at the tree to ask how to defeat Regina’s curse, they are pushed, not-so-gracefully, back. Maleficent lets Snowing in on a little secret, Snow is pregnant, and while she and Charming may be the heroes, it is not guaranteed for their unborn child, aka Emma.

After they learned their news, Maleficent visits Snow, on her own, and tells her her own reason for wanting to defeat Regina and stop the curse…Maleficent is also pregnant!

Snow refuses to join forces with her in order to not change the heroes, her and Charming are.

In Storybrooke: With Cruella and Ursula free in Storybrooke, they get a taste at small town life, not so much to their delight. They do visit Belle and while trading remarks and comments about their past and Rumple in general, Ursula uses those fancy tentacles to grab a box, that belonged to a soon to be revived Maleficent.

Elsewhere, Snow and Charming are on edge due to their deep, dark secret with the QoD. They continue to lie to Emma (a very, very bad idea on their part).

After snooping, Charming thinks that if they can get Maleficent’s ashes under the library, they can forget about everything and Ursula and Cruella can stop their plan.

For Emma and Hook, when they run into Ursula, Hook shies away from the truth of how he knows her, making Emma even more suspicious. Later, Emma decides to leave it alone and let him tell her the truth when he’s ready.

Now Regina and Henry, during their continuing search in Operation Mongoose, Henry believes that Pinocchio (formerly August) may have some truth into the Author’s identity.

They bring in Marco and Pinocchio to jog his adult memories, but it doesn’t work. Regina, of course, gets frustrated with the poor 7-year-old, and Marco stands up to her for his son.

Regina, eventually, apologizes to Marco (talk about character development) and he gives her August’s belongings for clues. Henry, later, discovers that maybe August was doing his own investigation into The Author.

Underneath the clock tower, which apparently is where Rumple was hiding, he gathers Maleficent’s ashes and waits until Snowing are lured there.

When they show up, Cruella takes some blood to help revive Maleficent. Once alive, Snow and Charming are warned that their secret won’t be told, but she will make it her job to cause a lot of pain on them over what they did to her.

As the episode ends, Rumple goes near his shop to see Belle, maybe to confront her, but is unable to once he sees who is joining, one Will Scarlett, who Belle seems to have started a relationship with.

To end it all, after Snow is unable to tell Emma the truth of their secret, she meets Regina in the dark of night to ask her a favor. Snow needs Regina to go undercover with the QoD to see what their plan is to ruin the happy Charming family. Snow reveals that their little secret is that they are the reason Maleficent could not be with her child.


  • Snow’s dream had a horror film feel to it.
  • I was concerned that Will Scarlet’s appearance in Granny’s would be just that. Boy, was I wrong.
  • I like how Rumple was just chilling underneath the library, I imagine he did what Charming did as he waited in the fire room in season 2.
  • Loved all the mentions of August, especially memories of the Emma/August friendship. I can’t wait until Eion Bailey returns, in whatever form it is.
  • Either Hook was a bad liar, or Emma’s super power worked on him. Definitely wasn’t too hot with her parents.
  • If I was Emma and all these important people were lying to me, I’d be pissed too.
  • Verbal fight with Regina/Marco went for some digs at each other.
  • The fact that Regina went to Marco to apologize shows some crazy amount of character development. Bravo, Regina!
  • Snowing named their son after Rumple’s and he repaid them with some violence. Not cool, man!
  • I am totally on board with Will and Belle! She deserves so much better than Rumple.


“If only your wits matched your looks.”–Cruella, to Charming

“Is there a problem, Sheriff Chisel-chin?”–Cruella, to Charming

Regina: “Will you shut up, I’m trying to apologize.” Geppetto: Well, go on, you’re making a good start.”

“I should have known that fish sticks and pound puppy were here for more than second chances.”–Regina

This episode definitely planted the seeds for way more details into what will happen with the rest of 4B. I’m sure there is plenty more to Snowing’s secret, but Maleficent being pregnant certainly took the cake.

Next Week: Regina begins her undercover mission with the Queens of Darkness. Will she be lured to their side?

Are you on board with Will and Belle? Were you shocked by Maleficent’s news? How about all the lying Emma had to endure? 

Sound off in the comments on what you thought of “Unforgiven.”


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