OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Enter the Dragon”


Regina is on an undercover mission to learn about the Queens of Darkness plan.

When it overlaps with Operation Mongoose, Regina wants to learn more about The Author, too.

Check out the recap below, along with my thoughts on the episode. What did you think of “Enter the Dragon?”

In Enchanted Forest, past: Somewhere between Regina’s marriage to Leopold and…well, causing his death, Regina kept her revenge against Snow alive. When ‘Dark One’ Rumple pays her a visit, she reveals that she has found book of Maleficent’s in Cora’s belongings. Regina now wants Maleficent to be her teacher. Rumple then poofs her to Maleficent’s castle.

Upon arriving, Regina meets Maleficent who is in, what seems like, magically-drug induced state with the help of a sleeping curse mixture. Regina, not happy with what she is seeing, takes on the role of Maleficent’s motivator to help her use her powers to become a dragon again.

Maleficent reveals her inability to take on nemesis Briar Rose (aka Aurora’s mother) and Regina also learns of Aurora’s impending marriage. So Regina gets Maleficent to try to regain her dragon powers with the help of a burning tree on her property.

When Maleficent absorbs the powers, she feels her powers back, but fails to use them after King Stefan (yup, Aurora’s father) shows up to capture her. 

Regina and Maleficent are dragged away and Regina decides to use her weak, yet powerful powers, on Stefan and his crew. This is when Maleficent can finally become a dragon again and destroys her capturers.

After defeating them, Maleficent goes to Aurora to put her under the sleeping curse (which she is awoken from in “Broken”). Maleficent thanks Regina for her help before she returns to Leopold’s castle.

Back at the palace, Regina is greeted by Rumple who tells her teacher about the way to get her revenge on Snow is to wait and one day she will take away the thing she loves most. And, boy, did she ever.

In Storybrooke: Regina begins her undercover operation with the Queens of Darkness (QoD). While apprensive, at first, they eventually believe her intentions for joining their dark, dark side to be truthful.

Regina lets Team Charming (and their pirate mascot) in on their evil doings for wanting the identity to The Author. Even though Emma is against whatever operation this is, Regina continues to get secrets from the QoD, notably Maleficent, but leaving out one important thing…Rumple is in town and staying in his cabin.

Meanwhile, Hook runs into new couple Belle and Will, and informs Belle it is time to re-hide Rumple’s dagger. Belle, worried about the possibility of Rumple being in town, entrusts Hook to hide the dagger from prying eyes. But, how do they test the dagger? When they find it, Belle ‘summons’ Rumple and when he does not come, Belle believes that Rumple is out of Storybrooke.

Unfortunately, when Belle leaves it is revealed that Hook was Rumple and now he is in possession of the dagger. Not good. But, fake Hook returns to Belle to promise they will never speak of ‘hiding’ the dagger, meaning real Hook will never know.

Back to the QoD. Maleficent brings Regina on a separate trip to capture/torture the only person who may know something about The Author, young Pinocchio. So, with Emma following (not so subtly by the way), she finds Regina at Marco’s shop and puts them to sleep to take Pinocchio.

Emma lets Regina take Pinocchio if she can keep track of her. Regina agrees, but once they are out Regina leaves her phone behind.

Maleficent and Regina bring Pinocchio to Rumple’s cabin and she comes face to face with Rumple for the first time. Their goal: to torture Pinocchio into telling them about The Author. But not child Pinocchio…adult Pinocchio, meaning Rumple changed child back to August W. Booth. He’s back!!! I, for one, could not be happier.


  • Did Once go religious tonight?
  • Since when do trains go through Storybrooke?
  • The QoD may have not agreed, but I think Regina definitely won that game of chicken.
  • I really want to know what caused the issues between Maleficent and Briar Rose.
  • Is it too much to ask for more Will Scarlet?
  • I’m not sure who did a worse job, Emma following Regina and Maleficent or Maleficent not noticing that they were being followed?
  • After thinking her super power was on the fritz last week, I guess Emma does notice all the lying
  • I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for Rumple’s feelings towards the Will/Belle relationship.
  • Where was Hook as Rumple impersonated him? Locked in a basement? Knocked out in his room? Or just walking around waiting to be noticed?
  • I was scared that they were actually going to torture Pinocchio. Once I realized Rumple would change him to August, I was just happy to have August back in the present, not in flashback.


Maleficent: “Are you still a bad girl, Regina?” Regina: “The worst.”

“Now I see you’ve brought the entire Charming softball team and their pirate mascot.”–Regina, in the covert meeting with Team Charming.

I found this episode intriguing. I’m enjoying learning about the QoD’s backstories to get them to where they are in Storybrooke. I will say that the Rumple shocker and August revelation definitely made the episode. I am so excited to have August back, before Neal he was my favorite male character and I’m happy to see him in the present instead of a flashback as he was expected to return by many fans, including myself.

Next Week: Rumple, Regina, and the QoD want answers from August about The Author and Ursula wants payback from Hook about something from their past. Will August give some info?

Do you think August has answers? What is the history between Maleficent and Briar Rose?

Let me know in the comments about your thoughts on “Enter the Dragon.”

***I changed the episode number in the pic based on the episode #’s on the scripts Adam has tweeted and most other review sites***


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