OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Poor Unfortunate Soul”


Rumple continued his deviousness this week as he tortured a returned August W. Booth for answers about The Author.

Hook also found a way to learn about Rumple’s plan by helping a Queen of Darkness with her happy ending.

Check out a recap below along with thoughts, quotes, and gifs. of this week’s episode. What did you think of “Poor Unfortunate Soul”?

In Enchanted Forest: While, somehow, taking a break from Neverland, Hook comes across a mermaid with a beautiful singing voice who nearly saves his (and the Jolly Roger’s) life.

Nope, it’s not Ariel. It’s actually Ursula.

Like Ariel, Ursula has an interest in humans with a father who is not so much a fan. Again, not King Triton, but Poseidon, God of the sea. Ursula decides to leave her father behind when she will not follow his rules.

Later, Hook happens upon Ursula in a bar singing and recognizes it as the one that saves him. He offers to help her take her somewhere.

With a number of twists and turns in the past, it leads to Hook betraying Ursula when Poseidon offers a way to defeat Rumple by taking his daughter’s singing voice so she is forced to stay with him in the sea.

While Hook plans to double cross Poseidon, he takes Ursula’s voice and hides it on the Jolly Roger. Ursula, heartbroken, returns home and repays her father by turning herself into the sea witch she was named after, Ursula.

In Storybrooke: Rumple and the Queens of Darkness try to pry some answers out of August about The Author. With the help of magic, Regina gets word to Team Charming about his return and learn that Belle, unknowingly, gave Rumple the dagger.

Hook devises a plan to get answers about Rumple by helping Ursula get her happy ending which he stole, her voice.

He has Ursula retrieve the Jolly Roger, in miniature form, and then have Will (finally some use for him) help restore it to regular size.

Hook finds the shell the voice was held in and try to give Ursula her singing voice back, but it doesn’t work. As payback, Ursula throws Hook to his death, but is saved by Ariel, who was trapped on the Jolly Roger when it shrunk. Hook really is one lucky pirate.

Meanwhile, Rumple gets some fairy magic that makes August have his old puppet lie detector trick back and August reveals that The Author is hiding behind a magical door in Storybrooke thanks to the Sorcerer.

Rumple takes Maleficent and Regina to the Sorcerer’s house to find said door. While out, Team Charming break into Rumple’s cabin to free August and Snow takes a page out of Rapunzel’s book to knock out Cruella.

Before August is saved, Ursula busts in to stop, but Hook, with the help of Ariel, bring Poseidon to Ursula so he can help restore her singing voice.

Now that Ursula has her happy ending she leaves Storybrooke, but not without telling Hook about Rumple’s plan. The plan is to turn Emma dark to ruin the rest of the heroes’ happy endings.

After not finding the door at the Sorcerer’s house, Regina returns to the Charming loft where August tells her and Emma that The Author is trapped in the book behind the drawing of the door.


  • You have to love the nod to The Little Mermaid with Ursula singing “Fathoms Below.” With the exception of Frozen, the Ariel story has the most nods by OUAT.
  • Anyone else more confused about Hook’s time in Neverland? Did he escape to then return? I need answers.
  • Now that Belle nows that Rumple tricked her, I would think it’d be nearly impossible for her to forgive him.
  • It seemed out of character for old Hook to be that nice to a stranger. Not so much present-Hook, but pre-Storybrooke, definitely yes.
  • I like how they found a little use for Will, when will we see more??
  • Hook’s hook is not just a shiny object. Who knew?
  • Loved the return of JoAnna Garcia-Swisher as Ariel.
  • I am so happy that August and Emma got to share a moment together. It was like they just left off with each other in season 1. Perfect! I’m desperately hoping for more scenes.
  • Interesting how Ursula’s happy ending came so fast and now she is supposedly leaving. Seems too soon.


“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time this man has lied to my face.”–Rumple, mentioning a throwback to 1×19

“Now you decide to question me?”–Hook, to Belle

“I’m good at surviving or you’re bad at killing.”–Hook, to Ursula

Review: 4.0/5 This episode had a lot of interesting aspects. From Ursula’s back story to Rumple’s plan to August’s return, a lot of consistent and relevant stories. There were some slow parts in the beginning, but the last 15 or so minutes were very intriguing and make the search for The Author all the more interesting.

Next Week: We learn more about Snow and Charming’s story with Maleficent’s child. It also seems that Emma learns the little truth about Snowing’s secret, and does not take it well in “Best Laid Plans.”

Are you sad to see Ursula go? Are you ready to learn more about the other Queens of Darkness? What about Rumple’s plan for Emma?

Sound off on your thoughts in the comments.


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