OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Best Laid Plans”


The Author has been found. But, how did they release him from behind the door?

Well, with the help of Henry and August, more answers were given about who The Author was.

In addition to that, we saw a different side to Snow and Charming with more of their past with Maleficent revealed. Turns out they are not the goody heroes we know.

Check out the recap, in addition to my random thoughts I had throughtout the episode. What did you think of “Best Laid Plans?” 

In Enchanted Forest, past: After Maleficent told Snow and Charming about the future of their child at the beginning of 4B, they tried their best to find a way to know her future. Thanks to a unicorn.

By touching the horn of the unicorn, Snowing see two futures for Emma. Charming sees sweet, innocent infant Emma. Snow, on the other hand, meets teenage Emma who rips out her heart.

On the way back to their castle, obviously disturbed, they run into a man who tell them to head towards a cabin in the woods because Maleficent has returned to dragon form causing destruction and laid an egg (aka her own child).

When they reach the cabin, they meet the Sorcerer’s Apprentice who has an idea to ensure that their child will be good. Unfortunately, this is when moral goes out the door for the Snowing ‘heroes.’

The idea is to transfer that darkness potential onto a “living vessel,” which they choose to be the egg. Snowing take the egg from a heartbroken Maleficent (never thought I’d actually choose her over Snow and Charming), with the intention of returning.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. The Apprentice forced them to send the egg (and baby) to Our World and when the portal is created, in the egg went along with Cruella and Ursula who arrived to stop.

After, Snow and Charming realized the horrible thing they did to Maleficent, even spiting the unicorn mobile they were given. Charming decides to ease Snow’s mind by telling her they will promise to be good and make up for the mistake they made. That was the Charming we know and love…but definitely a flawed one.

In Storybrooke: With Rumple out looking for the door, Operation Mongoose members find a way to hide the mysterious page where The Author is hidden.

Rumple catches on quick and wants to have Regina trick Henry (aka his grandson, had to mention because I’m pretty sure he forgot) to give him the page.

Luckily, Henry, like many times before, was smarter than the adults and handed over a fake page to the remaining Darkness duo. He also found the key to open the door in the book.

The Charmings, meanwhile, continue to lie to Emma about their history with Maleficent. Charming even tried to trick (and scold) Henry for the page to destroy it to keep themselves safe.

Thankfully, Snow had some sense to stop him and decided it was time to give Emma the entire truth. Put simply, Emma was not happy. I mean, the lies and her potential for darkness certainly didn’t make her happy.

Emma’s silent treatment to her parents didn’t last long when August (recovering and in bed) revealed more information about The Author.

The Author, turns out, is a job passed down to many people to write the stories. Sort of like the Dread Pirate Roberts for you Princess Bride fans. One of the first ‘authors’ was named Walt (have to love the Disney throwback).

The most recent Author was locked in the book by the Apprentice when he used his power as The Author for bad, instead of good.

With key in hand, Emma released The Author, who turned out to be the man who warned Snowing of Maleficent’s trouble in the Enchanted Forest. While he seemed almost willing to answer questions, he quickly stormed out knocking Snowing and August out. Emma went to chase after, but The Author was lost in Storybrooke.

For Maleficent, after begging Rumple to give information on her child, he finally obliged. Thanks to a magic mirror, Maleficent saw that her daughter was alive and OK in Our World. She was adopted and named Lily. Yes, Emma’s friend from her teenage years, Lily.

And things continue to get interesting in Storybrooke.


  • Other happenings in Storybrooke include Rumple visiting a comatose Belle to apologize for what he has done. In my opinion, if she isn’t conscious to hear it, it didn’t actually happen.
  • I was shocked Hook was outright about the truth of Rumple’s plan. Maybe he’s learned a thing or two from the other secrets he’s kept.
  • You have to find Hook’s jealousy of August completely ironic. Just me?
  • Where has Baby Neal been during this?
  • Charming and Snow should’ve asked a lot more questions of the Apprentice to the most vague, and possibly evil, plan ever.
  • I thought early in the episode how Snow’s heart went dark before killing Cora and there she went mentioning it at the end. I foreshadowed without knowing.
  • I imagined The Author hiding in the book as Charming did in the fire room.
  • Never have I been more frustrated with Snowing.
  • I like how Snow and Charming flip-flop on how they feel about the lying and deceit. Never were they on the same page until they realized just how bad it got. Where was the logic at the beginning?
  • Who else wants August to stick around? With Elsa gone, Emma needs a friend.


“You can’t just Un-Savior the Savior.”–Henry

Cruella: “I feel like I’ve aged a decade.” Regina: “Well, you certainly look like it.”

“HENRY DANIEL MILLS!”–Regina. I love that Regina honored Daniel in Henry’s name.

Review: 4.0/5 The deeper we go into this story, the more intrigued I become. The ending was so interesting and there were a lot of plot holes that were filled. Snow and Charming were frustrating, which I’m sure was the point, but I’m interested to see how they move forward from this reveal.

Next Episode: OUAT takes a break next week for an Easter special. However, in two weeks, Once Upon A Time returns with the return of two big characters, Robin Hood and a thought to be deceased Zelena. What chaos is in store in “Heart of Gold”?

Which story are you liking most? How will the Charming family change with the bombshell that is Snow’s lie?

Give your thoughts in the comments.


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