12 Disney References: A OUAT Easter Egg Hunt


With a show that is dedicated to our favorite fairy tales and Disney movies, it seems appropriate that there would be some references throughout Once Upon A Time.

Since the beginning of the series, there have been many throwbacks to the entire Disney family.

In honor of the holiday, why not share some of the (many) clever…Easter Eggs that have appeared through the four seasons of Once Upon A Time.

1. Marvel references, including Josh Dallas’ past in the Thor universe.

2. Henry’s Tron lunchbox (Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis wrote the 2010 screenplay, Tron: Legacy)

3. The Little Mermaid references throughout the season 3 episode, “Ariel”

Or a dinglehopper

4. The many, many, many nods to Frozen during the 4A arc.

5. Nearly every artifact in Mr. Gold’s shop, including a genie lamp from Aladdin.

6. The infamous chipped cup, from Beauty and the Beast, that is the token of Rumple and Belle’s relationship.

7. The Mickey Mouse stuffed animal from 3×21

8. Also, the hidden Mickey when everyone returned to the Enchanted Forest.

8. The Star Wars ringtone that played on Greg Mendell’s phone

9. When the Sorcerer’s hat appeared in Rumple’s castle in 1×12. Even before the character was introduced in season 4.

10. When Rumple turned the Sorcerer’s apprentice into a mouse, a reference to Fantasia, since Mickey was the apprentice.

11. When Snow hit Cruella with a frying pan, just like Rapunzel in Tangled.

12. The fact that one of the original “authors” of the book was named, Walt, aka the man who started it all.

What other Easter eggs and Disney references have you noticed in OUAT? Any favorites? Leave some below or check out this website for other References.


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