OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Heart of Gold”


After a quick hiatus, Once Upon A Time has returned to a big reveal from Robin’s time in NYC.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, The Author is on the loose, and, well, that’s about it.

The episode focused on mostly on the origin of Robin Hood and the unlikely pair that is Robin and Rumple in New York.

Check out the recap, along with my random thoughts, quotes and my quick review. What did you think of “Heart of Gold”?

In Enchanted Forest, past: Robin, of Locksley, is a newlywed, a former thief, and now owns a failing tavern. When the Sheriff of Nottingham threatens to take away the tavern, Robin needs payment fast.

In comes, Rumple. He has a job for him to go to Oz and steal a potion from a former…associate. When Robin arrives in Oz he comes across Will Scarlet. Before Robin heads into the castle, he promises to steal some extra Elixir of the Wounded Heart for Will.

In Emerald City, Robin gets to the elixir and steals a vile before Zelena pops in and kicks him out. But, not before some fancy tricks.

On his way back to home, Robin meets Will again who tells a story of his sister’s death. Even though Robin could save his tavern, he slips the vile to Will.

Back in Sherwood Forest, the Sheriff of Nottingham returns to collect from Robin, but is stopped by the Merry Men. Suddenly, Robin realizes that he can remain a thief, but to give back to the poor.

Robin lets Marian in on the new life and new name, Robin Hood (ta da!), and she agrees to stand by his side.

In Our World: Emma quickly learns that Snow and Charming’s meeting with The Author is what led them down the path to taking Maleficent’s child. Emma does not take it well.

They continue to look for The Author, who runs into Rumple. Somehow an enticing offer from The Dark One was better than going to the Charming’s. With The Author in his control, Rumple goes to Regina.

Knowing she was double-crossing them, Rumple continues to lure her to the dark side. He finally has her call Robin in New York to find out what happened since he left.

And the complications begin.

When Robin and family arrived in New York they go to Neal’s place, but they aren’t alone for long when Rumple shows up after he was banished by Belle.

Before Rumple can speak his well…anger, he passes out and wakes up in the hospital. Turns out, because of his bad deeds, Rumple is not well. In Our World, it means a heart attack.

Again, Rumple sends Robin on an errand to Walsh’s furniture store (remember him?) to find the Elixir of Wounded Heart to fix him.

Robin steals the Elixir and, in return, Robin and fam can stay at Neal’s. After Robin follows through, Rumple takes the potion, but it doesn’t work. Why, you may ask? Because it was switched with the real one by Marian…aka Zelena.

Yup, she’s baaaacccckkkk!

Turns out, when Rumple (and everyone for that matter) thought Zelena was killed the spirit that woke up the time portal was actually Zelena.

She followed Emma and Hook through the portal and found the perfect opportunity to come back to the present. She used a spell to turn herself into Marian and return with Emma and Hook.

Thus, continuing to get revenge on Regina. Zelena sure knows how to hold a grudge.

Back to Rumple’s death-bed, Zelena has a plan to get Rumple to have The Author write a new story for her. Rumple is eventually saved and Zelena returns to her life as “Marian” to destroy Regina’s happiness.

Now back to Storybrooke, Regina’s call to Robin is actually to Zelena who is obviously shocked about the revelation. Rumple tells Regina that she must choose to join his side and help turn Emma dark or Zelena will kill Robin in NYC.

Which side will Regina choose?


  • As much as I enjoyed the return of Robin and twist with Zelena, anyone feel like there was a complete lack of, well, everyone else??
  • Gotta love how easily Robin on horseback could get through the streets of NYC.
  • If only there could be a sitcom with Robin and family, along with Rumple, co-habitating in Neal’s apartment while dealing with the non-magical world. That’s corny sitcom gold!
  • I was looking forward to getting to know Will Scarlet more, but all we got were two lousy scenes. Will there ever be more?
  • Who else spotted the hidden Mickey in Walsh’s shop?
  • Also, OUAT loves their punny names, i.e. Wizard of Oak
  • I have no idea if I should be mad or impressed at the Zelena switcheroo.
  • Is August going to make another appearance or is his story just done? Because that’s just unfair.
  • Zelena continues her completely creepy role with Rumple.
  • All I wanted was for Robin to think to give the box of Neal’s things to Henry.


“You are quite possibly the biggest pain in the ass I have ever had the displeasure of writing about”–The Author, to Rumple

“If this is New York, I’d hate to see the old one”–Marian, I mean, Zelena?

Rumple: I need you to steal the Elixir of the Wounded Heart.” Robin: “That’s a ridiculously self-explanatory name.”

Review: 3.8/5 A lot happened this week. Well, on the Rumple and Robin front. I enjoyed seeing Robin again and learning what went on in NYC. However, I was hoping for a lot more in Storybrooke. But, the Zelena revelation definitely made things more interesting.

Next Week: Cruella takes center stage and we finally see her story in the past. In the present, looks like she takes matters into her own hands and threatens Emma and Regina by taking Henry. Uh-oh.

What did you think about Zelena’s big return? Is Rumple too far off the deep end? Did you miss the Storybrooke story?

Let me know in the comments.


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