OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Sympathy of the De Vil”


It’s been rare that Once Upon A Time has a villain that you have little sympathy for. I mean, that was part of the most clever title name of the series, “Sympathy of the De Vil.”

They succeeded with Cruella. There was even a short time where you thought you could she had been a victim. Well, not so much.

Check out the recap, and thoughts on the episode. Sound of on what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments.

In 1920s (fictional) England: Cruella’s beginning was seemingly a familiar story, at first. Then, not so much.

Cruella’s story began as a tortured child who was kept in an attic by her dalmation training mother.

Years later, Cruella wants out (sound familiar), but mom won’t let her. Finally, a mysterious reporter (aka The Author) shows up and after he is scared away by her meets Cruella who convinces him to take her out on the town.

After a fun night, Cruella divulges her mother’s ‘secret’ and The Author suggests they run away together. But not before divulging a secret of his own.

He explains his powers as The Author and changes her story by giving her the power of obedient animals (?). Cruella goes to confront her mother for the last time, but mom pays a visit to The Author who tells her about her, uh…psychotic tendancies. See, she poisoned her father and two step-fathers. Hence, why she lived alone.

When mother and daughter finally meet, Cruella uses her new powers and makes her mothers dogs attack and kill her. Not so nice.

The Author learns the truth about Cruella when he arrives seeing her create her famous dalmatian coat out of her mother’s dogs. Yup, psychotic. Before she can kill The Author, he manipulates her story so that she can never kill anyone again. So,yes, Cruella’s name is truly accurate.

In Storybrooke: Put simply, Emma’s still pissed, Rumple’s going darker (if that was possible), and Cruella wants revenge.

Emma has a right to be pissed at Snow and Charming, but apparently this ‘going dark-thing’ turns her into the teenager she never could be with her parents.

But, besides that, Regina informs everyone about Zelena in NYC with Robin, so she decides she must go to save him. Since Rumple knows she knows, she comes up with her own plan to make sure he doesn’t tell Zelena,

She goes to Belle and Belle goes to Rumple. However, just when Rumple thinks he’s won her back, Regina comes in with her heart and threatens her life if he reveals her plan.

For Cruella, she finally comes face-to-face with The Author, or Isaac. She wants him dead as her happy ending. To do that she captures Henry and if Emma kills The Author, Cruella spares Henry’s life. But, Emma goes straight for Cruella instead.

However, Emma doesn’t know about The Author’s new story for Cruella, so even as she tries to save Henry, she doesn’t know Cruella can’t hurt him. In a moment of protection, Emma uses her magic on Cruella and kills her to save Henry.

Because of this act of violence, Rumple is one step closer to getting Emma dark and Snowing is one step closer to losing the daughter they had fought for.


  • Cruella’s origin, at first, seemed to have a lot similarities to our favorite princesses. She had an ‘evil’ mother (Cinderella), big reader (Belle), and kept away from the world (Rapunzel).
  • I’m glad there was logic to how Cruella and Ursula stayed young for so long.
  • I feel like Hook’s presence was mostly to stand witness that Emma didn’t strangle her own parents. He said like 3 sentences the entire episode.
  • I was seriously pissed that Belle almost forgave Rumple. Because I wouldn’t put it past them.
  • How could Pongo have been involved without Archie? I miss the Storybrooke townspeople.
  • Rumple has serious issues. He had no concern whatsoever that he put his grandson in harm’s way for his own ploy. I want Neal to come back from the dead just to beat Rumple’s ass. 
  • Finally, I get this is Emma and Rumple’s story, but where are Belle, Henry, Will, and even Hook this season. Combined, they’ve probably had 1 episode’s worth of appearance in the 7 episodes that have aired.


“There’s more than one way to skin an Author.”–Cruella

“Let’s see how she likes being made into outer wear.”–Regina

“Forgive me if I don’t take advice from the woman who held a grudge for half her life because a 10-year old spilled a secret.”–Emma

Review: 3.0/5 This was a pretty boring episode for three-quarters of it. There were parts that were more entertaining, but Cruella’s story only got interesting when she became a complete sociopath. I’m hoping as the season comes to an end it picks up.

Next Week: Emma and Lily finally come face to face after many years and Lily is not happy with her.

What did you think of Cruella’s back story? Is there hope for Emma? For Rumple?

If you’ve missed any recaps from this season (or others) check out my recaps here.


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