OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Lily”


With only three episodes before the season finale, Once Upon A Time is kickin’ it up a notch.

After years, the truth behind Emma and old friend, Lily’s, connection is revealed and Robin and Regina’s moment is quickly shattered by some craaaazzzyyy news.

Check out the recap, review, and more of this week’s episode, “Lily.” Sound off on your own thoughts in the comments.

In Minnesota of the past: Thanks to an apologetic Apprentice, we learn that Snow and Charming’s involvement in good vs. evil of Emma and Maleficent’s daughter, we learn that the two girls will be linked for their lives.

Now, after their first meeting at the convenient store, Emma is finally happy in a foster home when Lily pops back into her life after leaving her behind. Emma, obviously, is cautious about trouble-maker Lily back in her life.

Lily spends some time in Emma’s new life, but Emma soon realizes that Lily is hiding out after she robbed a convenient store with a certain boyfriend. Emma is forced to retrieve a necklace from apartment to make a clean break.

Unfortunately, Lily took advantage and stole Emma’s foster parents money while she was out. When the parentals find out, they immediately raise caution which causes Emma to runaway, again.

On the way out-of-town, Lily meets Emma with another plan to runaway together. Lily believes that ever since the two met she has been destined for darkness causing trouble, and getting kicked out of her home.

Emma storms away while Lily gets out-of-town via bus. On the bus, a certain bearded stranger, aka the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, joined her and decides to tell her about why she is prone to darkness, her mysterious birth mother, and the life that caused it.

In Storybrooke: After Emma killed Cruella, she wants revenge on Gold, who manipulated everything. While her loved ones try to slow down the vengeance, Maleficent decides to pop in and ask a favor of Emma: find Lily.

Emma soon discovers that Maleficent’s daughter and her friend are one and the same and decides to help. Regina, meanwhile, wants to tag along to go to NYC to save Robin from Zelena/Marian.

While away, Rumple recruits Will Scarlet to retrieve Belle’s heart from Regina’s office. Once retrieved, Rumple returns the heart to Belle and (sincerely?) promises to take a step back because of how dark his heart has become. Let’s hope this is true.

On Operation Roadtrip, first stop is Lily. They first go to an apartment in Massachusetts, right outside of Boston where Emma spent much of her adulthood. However, Emma discovers that Lily died and was the trouble maker she remembered.

However, when car troubles cause them to stop at a roadside coffee shop, Emma realizes that Lily is the waitress who changed her identity. Emma confronts her and tries to explain the complicated connection.

Lily doesn’t want anything to do with Emma, but she doesn’t give up. Emma and Regina go to Lily’s home and discover Lily knows everything to do with Storybrooke, Emma, and Snowing’s involvement. How? That chat with she had with the Sorcerer’s Apprentice all those years ago.

Lily catches them and drives off in the bug towards Storybrooke. Emma eventually stops her and a fight ensues between the former friends (?). Emma pulls a gun on Lily after she threatens her parents and convinces her to kill her, but, thankfully, Regina talks her down from that destruction.

Emma and Lily have a little heart-to-heart where Emma promises not to push away like she did all those years ago. With that, they head to NYC.

In New York, Regina and Robin are finally reunited, but not for long. He tries to convince her that Marian isn’t Zelena, which he doesn’t believe, at first. Bad news: Zelena reveals herself, but it’s too late to take Robin and Roland back to Storybrooke…Zelena is pregnant, with Robin’s child!!!

Things just got way more complicated.


  • You almost forget that Snow and Charming have another child, until Belle mentions, in passing, that she must babysit him.
  • The more Rumple goes dark, the more I continue to root for Will and Belle.
  • How frustrating is it that once Belle had her heart back and heard Rumple’s goodbye, she seemed to want him back?? Please, don’t do it.
  • I loved the throwback to the wolf in the pilot that caused Emma to stay in Storybrooke! Has Lily been involved from the beginning of the series?
  • Oh, Lily, she’s got the crazy stalker wall of Storybrooke.
  • My frustration with Emma and Snowing this season is similar to her insistance to return to NYC after the Zelena debacle. Get it together, Emma!
  • I wish Emma reacted to being at Neal’s apartment for the first time since his death.
  • Zelena pregnant was a crazy twist. Regina just can’t catch a break! 


“I knew Gold couldn’t keep the dragon on her leash for long.”–Regina

“Why did I go through the trouble of creating Storybrooke when I could have cursed everyone to live here?”–Regina, about Lily’s unpleasant former apartment

“OK Yoda, enough riddles.”–young Lily, to Apprentice

Review: 4.0/5 This episode was a huge moment for this half season. Lily’s back and Zelena’s pregnant. How this season ends is anyone’s guess. But, the episode just as much intriguing in both flashback and present story. Looking forward to final 3.

Next Week: Maleficent and Lily are reunited. Lily wants revenge on Snowing and plans to team-up with mom to get it. Also, Barbara Hershey returns as Cora and Regina wants her happy ending in “Mother.”

What did you think of that pregnancy bombshell? Do you think Belle will return to Rumple? How is Lily going to get her revenge? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


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