OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Mother”


Beginning of the end of season four.

A week before Mother’s day had reunions, forgiveness, a pregnancy, and a resurrection (kind of). Seems appropiate, right?

In addition to this, Rumple finally got his wish for the Author to write his happy ending, but what that looks like should be interesting.

Check out the recap, review, and more of this week’s episode, “Mother.” Sound off on your own thoughts in the comments.

In Enchanted Forest, past: Back when Regina still lived up to her Evil Queen name, she was still grieving her first love, Daniel. After taking all that anger out on a poor couple, she visits Daniel’s grave and a surprise visitor shows up…Cora.

Yes, Regina’s mother makes a surprise appearance in the Enchanted Forest years after being banished to Wonderland.

Cora informs Regina that she ran into Tink and told her about Regina’s true love, Robin, and Cora wants to help her be with him (did you believe her?)

Cora decides to take it upon herself to ‘find him’ and instead meets the Sherrif of Nottingham who she convinces to pretend to be him.

Sherriff meets Regina, who learns the truth, thanks to the fake lion tattoo (a signature of Robin Hood). Regina confronts Cora about that lie and does something drastic in retribution.

Regina chooses to take a potion that will prevent her from conceiving a child and being the ‘baby mill’ her mother wants her to be. Cora tries to tell Regina that all she wants is her happiness and not the power Cora usually seeks.

In Storybrooke: After the pregnancy bomb was dropped, Emma, Regina and crew return to Storybrooke. Regina locks up Zelena, while figuring out a punishment. Rumple realizes that Emma didn’t go as dark as he intended. Finally, Maleficent is reunited with her daughter, Lily.

Rumple, with his heart black as coal, needs the Author to write a new story to save the life we know. Regina, however, has her own plans with the Author to write her happy ending and Zelena’s, well, ending. The issue is, it requires Emma’s dark blood.

For recently reunited mother and daughter, Lily wants revenge on Snow and Charming, but Maleficent is happy just to be with her. Lily doesn’t like it and decides to leave Storybrooke.

On the way, at apparently a lonely bus stop in Storybrooke, Regina meets Lily and decides to take her blood since it was supposed to run in Emma’s. This makes the ink work, but it also turns Lily into a violent dragon (like mother, like daughter).

Maleficent turns to the last people she could imagine on parenting advice, Snow and Charming. They track down Lily and when they do she injures Snow who tries to intervene in the reunion.

Luckily, Emma arrives and uses her magic to heal her. After the intense bitterness between Emma and her parents, she forgives them (thanks to a push from one Captain Hook). Maleficent and Lily also have a moment where Lily realizes that her mother will be there, even after everyone else who has left her behind.

With ink in hand, Regina brings the Author to Zelena to write her out, but the second Zelena compares Regina to their mother, Regina has a change of heart. Sort of.

Regina realizes that her happy ending is ‘feeling at home in the world.’ Robin is apart of that happiness and Zelena is going to be a separate part of that happiness while she is the mother of Robin’s child.

However, the Author won’t accept that, and writes the next part of his story. He arrives at Rumple’s side to write a new book, Heroes and Villains where villains get their happy endings.

There’s trouble a-brewin’.


  • That Outlaw Queen talk was heartbreaking.
  • I loved that there was a mention to Neal, the dreamcatcher, and Emma’s past with him.
  • Emma giving the cold shoulder to Snow was totally unnecessary
  • So, Rumpelstiltskin’s death means that the Dark One will be the only thing left? There’s something worse that a Dark Rumple? That seems dangerous.
  • Very grateful for Hook’s lecture to Emma. She needed that sense knocked into her to forgive Snow.
  • Again, how are Belle, Will and Henry regulars?
  • I thought Snow’s injury would be worse than portrayed.
  • How corny/adorable was it to see Charming and Hook looking on as Snow and Emma finally had their moment?
  • Based on the past, I didn’t believe a single word out of Cora’s mouth, but, by the end, I think I was supposed to. Still don’t believe her.


“This is why I hate this place.”–Rumple, after Hook interrupts at Granny’s

Author: “Of all the characters I’ve written for, you really do get screwed over the most.” Regina: “I’m well aware.”

“I don’t need grooming advice from Annie Hall.”–Lily

Emma: “It doesn’t change what you are.” Snow: “Which is what?” Emma: “My mom.”

“The pen is mightier that the, well, everything.”–Author

Review: 3.5/5 Definitely a precursor to the finale. The flashback felt partially unnecessary if only to answer one question, an addition to the Robin/Regina story felt out of place. On the Storybrooke side, I was glad Emma’s bitterness ended, but the overall Lily arc started and ended too quickly. Overall, not the best, but the end made for a great beginning to the finale.

Next Week: As the season ends, Rumple gets his wish for villains to get happy endings. His story includes a hero on horseback, evil Snow, and Emma goin’ crazy? How will ‘Operation Mongoose’ end?

Are you happy Emma forgave Snow? Should Regina have written Zelena out of the story? What do you think Rumple will change in his ‘new story?’


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