Guest Star Profile: Georgina Haig


A return to Once Upon A Time guest star profiles.

This week’s addition is a special guest star who portrayed Disney’s most famous and recent Queen, Elsa, played by Georgina Haig.

Even though Elsa has left Storybrooke, her character remains important to the OUAT family.

Check out some quick info about Georgina and click the links for clips, interviews, and her Twitter page.

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Name: Georgina Haig

Born: Melbourne, Austrailia

Character: Elsa

Status: Happy and living as a Queen of Arendelle with her sister, Anna

Georgina on ‘Fringe’

Popular Roles:

First Appearance:  “A Tale of Two Sisters” (4×01)

Memorable Quote: from 4×05 “Breaking Glass”

“There’s one thing my sister taught me, you don’t give up on people. If someone’s important to you, don’t give up on them even if they say hurtful things or send a giant snow monster to chase you away.”

Twitter: @GeorginaHaig

Source: IMdB


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