My OUAT Con Adventure: Part II


Even though Once Upon A Time season four ended last week, I got to live in world of OUAT by attending Atlantic City Boardwalk Con this weekend.DSCN0413

After my first adventure to New York City Comic Con last October, I thought the opportunity was so much fun I wanted another chance to meet cast members of Once.

And, boy, did I.

At the first annual ACBC, there were four stars from the guest cast of Once Upon A Time. There was Georgina Haig (Elsa), Elizabeth Lail (Anna), Rebecca Mader (Zelena), and Sean Maguire (Robin Hood).

I’ll take you through my adventure of spending the day at the con and things I learned from the cast.

Cons can be an overwhelming place for newbies (or semi-newbies, like me). An important part of cons are the outfits. Unlike my NYCC trip where my inspiration was Emma Swan, this trip I DisneyBounded (or dressed to the inspiration of a Disney character) as Anna from Frozen (photo below) seeing as I was going to meet OUAT’s Anna and is also one of my favorite recent Disney characters.

I made the trip myself with the sole purpose was to do anything OUAT. Anything else I did was bonus. There was a lot of bonus.


Ghostbusters car

I spent the vast majority of time walking around to the different exhibitors. There were cars on display from Batman, Dukes of Hazzard, and Ghostbusters along with displays to Wonder Woman. The coolest was original artwork of popular cartoons. If I was rollin’ in cash I probably would’ve been tempted to buy one.

The main event was the Marvel stage placed smack dab in the

Back of Marvel stage covered in upcoming movie posters.

Back of Marvel stage covered in upcoming movie posters.

middle of the floor. You could take pictures with Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer. It was cool even as a amateur Marvel fan.

After walking the floor for a few hours and seeing other celebrities (Sean Gunn, Danielle Panabaker, Jim Cummings (voice of Pooh and Tigger), etc.), I finally started the process to meet the OUAT cast.

There were many options to meet them: Photo Ops, Meet and Greets, and at their booths. I paid (pricy) for Meet and Greets (because as a newbie I didn’t realize they would be at booths)

As expected from any con, there was a lot of waiting. Unfortunately, this didn’t have to do with long lines. It was a back-up with the Meet and Greets. The first was (Frozen duo) was scheduled for 2pm with Sean and Rebecca at 2:30pm.

That did not happen, but during the 1 to 1 1/2 hours of waiting I got to talk with other OUAT fans waiting for both Meet and Greets. It’s always fun to talk to others who are fans like I am and there was a lot of time to talk about Once Upon A Time.

Finally, the ACBC folks decided to combine the Meet and Greets, which I was totally cool with. When we got inside, we finally got to sit down (Standing on concreate floors for that long huuurrts).

The Meet and Greet was set up like a mini-panel. All four actors were so personable. Since I had met Sean before I knew he would have plenty to say. People asked questions, like Rebecca’s Zelena makeup process and the importance of watching OUAT live (which I knew because, basically, that’s what I do for a living).


Rebecca and I in my Anna-inspired outfit

I even got a question in about whether Georgina and Elizabeth have met Idina Menzel or Kristen Bell (voices of Elsa and Anna in film). They haven’t, but Sean made sure to make sure we start something to make that happen. #AnnasandElsasUnite

After the questions, everyone got to get a picture and autograph from all four actors. In addition to this awesome opportunity as a fan, I also used this as a way to raise awareness for a cause I am involved with, Cure SMA. Sean, Georgina, and Elizabeth all took selfies with me to tweet out to followers. If you want to learn more about the cause go to

I’ll be forever grateful to the three of them for helping close to 25,000 (and counting) people seeing the tweets.

Another thing I will mention about the cast is that as we were waiting in line, a security guard politely asked some of us about the show. He continued by saying that the four actors were present were some of the nicest people actors he’s worked with which I believe says a lot of the show and cast as a whole.

Once the Meet and Greet was finished there was time to kill before the panel. This is when I went souvenir shopping. Yup, I spent a nice chuck on memorbilia.

Next was the panel. After my wallet got considerably lighter and while waiting for the panel I met even more fans to talk to about the show and experience at ACBC.

0516151816I loved the panel! It was set up differently than what I experienced at NYCC. I felt it was much more respectful. Rather than cameras flashing through answers, the Q&A had lots of interesting questions and plenty of amusing and anecdotal answers.

Highlights include:

  • Sean Maguire auditioned for Sheriff Graham in season 1 and when he turned down role he had a some deep regret/hatred towards show until Robin Hood audition.
  • Elizabeth said that her free time has consisted of spending time with Friends…season 7. She also said she hangs out with Georgina and Scott Michael Foster (Kristoff).
  • When asked what character they would like to bring on the show, Georgina said Thumbelina and Rebecca said Aladdin and Jasmine. Sean said Genie, which a young girl pointed out already appeared, followed by a nice moment to remember Robin Williams.
  • They touched on the finale where Sean (and everyone else) raved about how wonderful Jared Gilmore (Henry) is as a young actor, because Sean was one himself. Very touching.
  • Sean defended critics about Robin’s character cheating on Marian with Regina.
  • Who is the worst villain on the show? Peter Pan, Zelena (she portrayed Robin’s dead wife and tricked him into getting her pregnant, as Sean pointed out). Mostly, Rumple.
  • One of the most memorable quotes from the panel was when Sean talked about how well the female characters are written on the show and how the men stay behind why the women handle things.

The panel was a great experience and a fun way to end my day at ACBC.

It was a much different experience than my time at NYCC, but in a good way. I got to meet more people, I understood more of what happens at a con, and was a less crowded venue so I got to enjoy more.


R2D2 making his way on the ACBC floor

After NYCC, I had had two regrets, 1) not walking the floor and 2) not getting more pictures. Well, I made up for not walking the floor and really looked around at what there was to offer. I didn’t, however, get as many pictures of costumes. To be honest, there weren’t nearly as many that “wowed” me, but still there were some impressive costumes worn.

This was well worth the trip to Atlantic City. I got to do so much and meet a lot of people and even contribute to something personally.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to one, it’s a fun experience if you love anything entertainment.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my own experience and if you have any comments/questions/what not from my day at ACBC, let me know in the comments. I’d be happy to answer anything.


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