The Best and Not-as-Good about Once Upon A Time Season 4


It’s been four weeks since Once Upon A Time ended its fourth season with a major cliffhanger.

Now that everyone has processed everything that has happened throughout both parts of the season, its time to go through my picks for the good (and not so good) about Once Upon A Time season 4.

Best Episode(s): 

Smash the Mirror (4×8-9) and Operation Mongoose (4×22-23)–OUAT has certainly proved they can pull off fun 2 hour episodes. I loved how both kept you on the edge of your seat for the entire episodes and made it all the more interesting.

Best Twist:

Henry as new Author– Henry has always been an integral part to the OUAT world and it was about time he had the chance to use his knowledge. Even though he decided to leave the job behind, he proved that he was meant to be the Author of the stories.

Worst Twist:

Zelena was Marian: The twist was definitely a shock, but not in the good way I certainly was expecting. It felt like a pseudo-soap opera twist with the addition of a surprise pregnancy. Rebecca Mader is so good as the Wicked Witch, but I was OK to say goodbye at end of season 3.

MVP Character:

Regina Mills– Talk about a shift. Regina has changed so much this season and we have seen many sides to her. Bandit Regina, return to Evil Queen, mother, ally, and girlfriend. Evil Queen Regina certainly is always fun, but I enjoyed seeing the many different sides of her.

Underused Character(s):

Henry Mills and Will Scarlet– For Henry, his presence on the show has majorly decreased since his days convincing Emma of the curse. It took the entire season for him to be front and center for an episode…and he stepped up majorly for the finale. As for Will Scarlet, all I can say is how is he a regular? The brief time we had with him were fun and had me wishing there was more.

Favorite Couple:

Anna and Kristoff– It says a lot that a couple who spent little time on the show could have an impact. With the help of the chemistry between Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster, the couple became a favorite for me while many of the other couples were on the outs, lying, little screen time and well their dead wives returned. The brought the couple we loved from Frozen to life.

Should-spend-an-hour-with-Archie Couple:

Rumple and Belle– Boy, did this couple have issues this season. Thirst for power and lots of lying caused so many problems for them. Even after Belle took a stand against his problems, it looks like she may take him back..not sure that’s the best idea.

Favorite Villain:

Cruella de Vil— She turned out to be the villain of them all, but she was so much fun before we learned her crazy nature. She had the OUAT villain sass and could go up against Rumple in one liners.

Least Favorite Villain:

Ingrid aka Snow Queen— Poor Ingrid got caught up in wanting to replace her sisters and just got plain ol’ crazy trying to find it. I was expecting more of a story to her past and purpose, but was slightly disappointed by the execution. However, Elizabeth Mitchell did a great job at the calm, yet slightly psychotic, nature of Ingrid.

Favorite Guest Stars:

Frozen cast (Anna/Elsa/Kristoff)– I’ll stand by this forever: OUAT did has never casted better than with the trio of Frozen. Bringing to life the Disney characters everyone fell in love with in the movie was fantastic and made the entire arc of Frozen so much better.

Best Overall Moment(s):

Charming parents reaction to Emma’s date— There was nothing more adorable than seeing Snow and Charming become the overprotective parents they never had the chance to be when Emma was a teenager.

Also, Goodbyes before Shattered Sight curse–With the curse coming everyone had to say their farewells before personalities drastically changed. Everyone had their moments, Snowing, Captain Swan, Anna/Kristoff, and Emma with her parents and baby brother. So sweet!

Memorable Quotes:

“You are quite possibly the biggest pain in the ass I have ever had the displeasure of writing about”–The Author, to Rumple

“Now I see you’ve brought the entire Charming softball team and their pirate mascot.”–Regina, in the covert meeting with Team Charming.

“I should have known that fish sticks and pound puppy were here for more than second chances.”–Regina

“I suppose we go outside and see what is killing property value this time.”–Regina

“Cruella!! I thought I caught a whiff of desperation and gin”–Rumple

Charming: “Careful, that stroller’s not under warranty anymore.” Snow: “You said you bought it new.” Charming: “It was gently used.”

Regina: “A good mayor checks that these things are up to code.” Snow: “Yeah, well, if the mayor only has to deal with one villain and it’s herself, that frees up a lot of time for infrastructure.”

“Any book we want is hardly going to be stuck beside The Cat in the Hat. Why would a cat want a hat?”–Robin

“You spend a little more time in this town, love, you realize just about everyone is related.”–Hook

“Two sheriff’s? Bloody hell! That’s not even fair, is it?”–Will Scarlet

“You have survived your entire lives without lights. Buy a flashlight.”–Mary Margaret

Emma: “Want to go home and see what’s on Netflix? Hook: “I don’t know what that is, but sure”

Overall, Season 4 didn’t have the hype and excitement compared to last season (and seasons before). There were parts that I loved (Frozen casting, Evil Snow, August returning), there was just something missing.

We’re a few months away from the premiere of season 5 which will bring many new things to the show (namely Dark Emma). It will be interesting to see how that is approached and even more exciting to see how that changes Storybrooke and everyone inside.

So, what were your favorite/least favorite moments from Once Upon A Time Season 4? Favorite character, quote, twist and so on.


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