The Wicked Witch and Robin Hood are Staying Put


Storybrooke has a couple of new mainstayers.

In the back half of season four, there was quite the shocker when Robin Hood discovered Marian wasn’t actually Marian, but Zelena, the Wicked Witch. Not only that, but she became pregnant with Robin’s baby.

Well, it seems we are going to see plenty more of Robin and Zelena in season five.

Today, it was revealed that Sean Maguire and Rebecca Mader, Robin Hood and Zelena, respectively, have been promoted to series regulars after nearly two seasons of various guest appearances.

This is certainly good news for fellow Outlaw Queen shippers, now that Robin and Regina, are finally together

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Zelena is in a much different place and will have an interesting story considering at the end of the season, her half-sister, Regina, locked her up in a cell under Storybrooke’s hospital to both keep her close, yet away from Robin and co. until baby is born.

Who else is excited for the possibility of Regina, Robin, and their little family now happy and together? Do you think Zelena could cause more chaos now that she is sticking around Storybrooke?


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