8 Fatherly Moments from the Dads of Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time has had their fair share of fathers. Many are great (Charming, Robin Hood), and some not-so-much (Peter Pan).

With the many father figures around there are so many great moments that they have shared with their children. Defending them, bragging about them, and even sacrificing themselves.

In honor of Father’s Day, here are a few moments from the best of the best of dads from Storybrooke and beyond.

1. Charming’s Pep Talk to Emma (3×10):

2. Neal’s sacrifices himself for family, including Henry (3×15):

3. Robin Hood saves Roland from Rumple (3×18):

4. Rumple admits faults to Neal (3×09):

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5. Geppetto defends Young Pinocchio from frustrated Regina (4×14):

6. Henry Sr. visits Regina in prison (2×10):

7. King Leopold brags about Snow White to the kingdom (1×11):

8. Hansel and Gretel’s father finds them in Storybrooke (1×9):

And finally, just because, here is a clip of Josh Dallas switching into parent-mode when talking about the potential for Emma and Hook.

What other moments do you remember? Who is your favorite OUAT dad?


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