OUAT Thoughts and Review: “The Price”


Now that everyone is back in Storybrooke, it’s time to figure out how and why they lost their memories.

First things first, Regina and everyone else need to believe that she has the ability to be the Savior.

Check out the recap for this week’s episode, “The Price”, along with some random thoughts, quotes, and this week’s Most Valuable Resident.

Let’s begin!

In Camelot: After making their arrival to King Arthur’s castle, he and his wife, Guinevere, plan to honor the Storybrooke outsiders with a ball for their arrival. Before, the ball begins, Arthur brings them to the magical tree where Merlin is being kept captive.

Since a savior is the only one who can save him, Regina claims to be the Savior, rather than explaining Emma’s…dark predicament.

At the ball, Regina prepares to dance, with the help of Charming, and Snow gets to help Emma get ready for the first time ever. Once they are welcomed, all of our favorite couples share a dance, but Regina’s is interrupted by a knight, Percival, who remembered Regina as a child when she killed his village.

Before he has the chance to kill her, Robin pushes her out-of-the-way and is severely injured by Percival. Charming steps in and kills Percival, but the damage is done.

Because of a spell, Regina is unable to save Robin and pleads with Emma to help, and does using dark magic with conscience Rumple over her shoulder. Afterwards, she discovers that she likes the power.

After Arthur discovers the truth of Regina’s past, Guinevere raises some concerns about the new visitors of Camelot.

In Storybrooke: With everyone’s memories gone and some stragglers from Camelot in tow, the Storybrooke residents try to regroup.

First, the dwarves decide its time to leave when Grumpy doesn’t believe Regina can be the type of Savior they need to stop Emma. They use Dopey as bait to cross the town line, but unfortunately, he is turned into a tree once he crosses.

Then, Henry tries to call upon Emma to talk some sense into her. While Emma still tries to be a mother to Henry, her darkness is waaayyy more in control. Regina arrives vowing to undo what Emma’s done, but Emma ain’t havin’ it.

Finally, Storybrooke set up camp for the Camelot residents when a beast (the Fury) comes to take Robin away. Regina is unable to stop it and learns that the Fury is there to take Robin to the Underworld because of the magic that was used to save him in Camelot (of course, no one knows what happened then). Regina can either let him die, or sacrifice another life for his. Dilemma, dilemma…

Elsewhere, Hook wants a way to break Emma of her Darkness and hopes True Love’s Kiss will work. When Emma brings him to her new digs (finally out of the loft), he attempts, but is shot down. Turns out, if someone has accepted the darkness TLK won’t work. So…Emma has reaallly changed in those 6 weeks.

Back to Regina. As the boat from the River Styx (not confirmed, but seemingly obvious) slowly arrives, Regina makes a final attempt to save Robin and sacrifices herself. However, when Snow, Charming, Arthur, and Grumpy (??) also try to sacrifice themselves, the combined power destroy the Fury and save Robin.

For Emma, however, she looks at her loved ones from the outside and is again greeted by conscience Rumple who says that those loved ones are a risk to her. The only hope for her is to release Excalibur from the stone (which she coincidentally is hiding in her basement) and reconnect to the dagger so there will be no more light for the Dark One. But, alas, Emma is unable to release Excalibur.

Thoughts (and other plots):

  • Sneezy can not catch a break in Storybrooke. First, memory loss (2×01), then turned to stone.
  • Not only that, but really Regina and Robin can not catch a break. These soul mates really have had to fight for each other.
  • Gotta love that Regina, pulled another Ursula and took Zelena’s voice…bet that’s going to come back to cause some issues.
  • I’m sure even 2 years before, Regina didn’t think she’d be taking dance lessons from Charming…and enjoying it.
  • There is a depressing resemblance I’m starting to see between Henry/Emma and Baelfire/Rumple. Both want to be good parents, but darkness is in control.
  • Apparently, Grumpy took a page out of Dreamy’s book and gave Belle a pep-talk about Rumple as she watches his flower wilt.
  • Henry and his first crush, Violet…absolutely adorable (both times)! I can’t wait for that story to be expanded.
  • I think Guardians of the Galaxy has been watched a few times in Storybrooke.


“I am so not dressed for this.”–Snow

“Snow Queen, Pan, Trio of Terror. We can handle villains like that but Emma. She knows how we beat bad guys. Heck, she beat most of them for us”–Grumpy

“How the hell are we going to feed a tree a taco?”–Grumpy about Dopey

“If I go, I’ll just be stuck as Grumpy’s wing-man”–Doc

“It’s a little…scary”–Charming about Regina’s ball dress

Most Valuable Resident: Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla). In both Camelot and Storybrooke, Regina tried her best to prove the dis-believers wrong. She had a wide range of emotions: anxious, worried, frustrated, and happy. Basically, name a dwarf and she felt that way. It’s nice to see the more vulnerable side of her now that everyone sees her as a hero.

Review: 3.75/5  Overall, it was a better follow-up episode to the season than season 4×2 “White Out. The entertaining ball scenes, Emma’s change as the Dark One and Regina’s drive to become the Savior were a great part of the story, but the repetition of Regina saving Robin and the Guardians comparison made the episode less original.

Next week on Once Upon A Time: Looks like Emma needs a hero to release Excalibur and Hook needs Emma to be Emma again. On a side note, are Arthur and Charming going on a separate journey?

What did you think of Emma’s new Dark One persona in Storybrooke? Do you think Regina will be able to restore the memories of everyone? Are you looking forward to Henry’s romantic storyline?

Let me know your thoughts on the comments or on Twitter


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