OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Siege Perilous”


When Charming (Josh Dallas) feels like he needs to step in and help, he forms a bond with King Arthur (Liam Garrigan) to go on a quest that could bring them one step closer to Merlin.

But, what happens when Arthur’s motives are much more diabolical than it seems.

Check out the recap for this week’s episode (5×03), “Siege Perilous.” Also included are random thoughts, favorite quotes, a review, and this week’s Most Valuable Resident.

Time to see what happened in Camelot/Storybrooke this week!

In Excalibur: Using Merlin’s books, Regina leads the way trying to determine how to release Merlin from his…tree-like state. Amongst the books, Regina finds a clue in a magic mushroom called the Crimson Crown, which can communicate with .

Together, King Arthur and David go on an adventure together to find the mushroom using relics of Camelot’s. On the way, they realize how much they have in common.

When they arrive at the Crimson Crown, Charming goes to retrieve it, however, once he gets it he is nearly drowned by enchanted, masked knights. Luckily, Arthur saves our Prince Charming, but loses the Crimson Crown.

As thanks, Arthur decides to make David a knight of the round table and allows him to sit in the ‘Siege Perilous‘ the special seat for the knight who carries out the “most sacred quest”, the former chair of Lancelot who was supposedly dead, until…Snow is secretly approached by him and lets her know that Arthur cannot be trusted.

Later, it seems Lancelot was right because Arthur had stolen the Crimson Crown, which David thought he had lost.

In Storybrooke: Emma, still determined to release Excalibur, steals Happy’s axe in hope that it’ll help. Of course, it doesn’t, and she learns that the only person who can is a hero.

While she searches for that she lures a conflicted Hook to his ship to try to get the magic back between them. Unfortunately, while Emma wants to keep things as before, Hook can’t get past the memories-lost-Dark-One thing. Hook does begin his own side project of discovering what’s behind the mysterious door at Emma’s, with the help of the (reformed) thief, Robin Hood.

Elsewhere, Charming, frustrated by Emma’s avoidance, helps Arthur on a new quest for missing items from his relic chest. After slight twisting, the new bromance discovers that Arthur’s squire, Grif, stole the chest and David throws him in jail.

But, little does David know that the entire theft was a ploy between Grif and Arthur to gain David (and Storybrooke)’s trust. Arthur forces Grif to poison himself for the greater good so Arthur can begin his plan to create a new Camelot in Storybrooke.

Finally, Belle has her eye on the enchanted rose and notices that the rose is slowing coming back together, which can only mean that Rumple is waking up from his coma. However, when Belle goes to check on him, Rumple is missing from the pawn shop and magically appears in Emma’s basement.

Once he wakes up, Emma decides that since he is now a ‘blank slate‘ (not to be confused with “Blank Space“), Rumple can now become the hero instead of the villain that he was. Because if Rumple is a hero…he can pull Excalibur from the stone and unite it with the dagger.

Thoughts (and Other Stories):

  • Robin and Hook on their own secret mission–I am so in!
  • David had his very own Fast and the Furious moment and he had a lot of trust in a guy who has never driven (a car) before.
  • Doctoberfest…if only there were some pictures from that Storybrooke event.
  • In other news, Regina can certainly go back to her Evil Queen-self fast, especially if it has to do with Zelena. I don’t know if threatening your bf’s baby mama is really the best approach.
  • If Hook is defending the coward that Rumple once was…that is where I truly see the change in him.
  • Also…really Emma?!?! Rumple and Belle’s relationship are goals?? Rumple was basically a pathological liar from the start of his marriage.
  • No Henry story?? I was looking forward to seeing his little crush develop.
  • If David didn’t have plenty other bromances going on (Hook, Robin), I’d be way more disappointed that Arthur is playing him.


“You’re occasionally a genius”–Regina, to Snow

“In any world, you are my hero”–Snow, to Charming (cue the awwws…)

Robin: “It’s a picture from up inside Zelena.” Hook: “Woah, mate!”–about Zelena’s sonogram

Most Valuable Resident: Prince Charming (Josh Dallas). Once again we saw the gallant prince try to save the day, but it’s not as often we see the insecure version of the prince. How could you not love the moment he finally felt the hero apart from Snow and become a Round Table knight–even if there are some ulterior motives? Josh Dallas made me fall in love with Charming all over again this week.

Review: 3.5/5 I enjoyed the episode. It had plenty of ‘Once’ twists that I was not expecting, like Arthur’s true nature. I’m also enjoying the parallel stories rather than the sometimes irrelevant background stories. The Lancelot reveal certainly makes me more intrigued and getting more excited to see where the Camelot story goes.

Next Week: Arthur’s going after the dagger, but what he doesn’t know in Camelot is that it has Emma’s name on it and Snow gets Lancelot’s help in learning Arthur’s true motives in “The Broken Kingdom.”

Were you surprised by King Arthur’s villainous ways? Did the Captain Swan scene break you to pieces or did you want Hook to be? How do you think Lancelot is alive?

Let me know in comments or via Twitter


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