OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Dreamcatcher”


With her Darkness on the line, Emma made a bold decision that could affect her relationship with Henry for the time being.

Meanwhile, Regina learns more about how everyone’s memories were taken and what Emma has hidden in the basement.

Check out this week’s recap, along with thoughts, quotes, this week’s Most Valuable Resident (a most deserved choice) and see why “Dreamcatcher” is one of the season’s best episodes.

Let’s begin!


Lost Love Conquers: After learning that Merlin was turned into the tree in Camelot because of his lost love, Emma and Regina get to work to figure out how to reverse the curse. The first chance is through Regina’s loss of Daniel by reliving it through a dreamcatcher memory.

Unfortunately, Regina’s loss isn’t strong enough because she has found new love in Robin. So they are back to square one.

Elsewhere, Henry and his crush, Violet, are becoming closer. Emma and Regina convince Henry he must woo her with his foreign ways, so he invites her to a date at Granny’s.

However, on the date, Violet breaks Henry’s heart by saying she only wants to be friends. But with Henry’s tear, Emma is able to create the spell to release Merlin from the tree.

With Merlin released, he breaks Arthur’s spell on Snow and Charming and reveals that he can break Emma from the Darkness, but she must be ready to do so. Unfortunately, her hesitation to answer may be the beginning of Emma’s downfall to the character we see six weeks later.

See Him Be Brave: Since Emma needs Rumple to be the hero to pull Excalibur from the stone, Merida is enlisted to train him. Rumple, who has returned to his cowardice ways, can’t seem to find the courage to do that.

Merida finds leverage in Storybrooke and takes the signature chipped cup from his shop. Using the cup, Merida is able to get Rumple to begin to fight back and start the process to defeating Emma.

Flypaper for Nightmares: Elsewhere in Storybrooke, Regina and Co. want more answers when they discover Rumple is missing. With Emma occupied with Henry, Regina breaks into her house and discovers Excalibur hiding in the basement.

They soon realize notice the similarity between Excalibur and the dagger and bolt out before Emma returns. On their way out, they find a dreamcatcher which Regina takes for safe-keeping.

While Henry occupies Emma, he enlists her ‘finding’ powers to help find Violet’s missing horse. Luckily they succeed and Henry gallantly arrives at Storybrooke’s festival on horseback to show off for Violet (how adorable it that). She shows a lot of appreciation and Henry even gets her father’s stamp of approval.

In another part of the festival, Arthur learns of Excalibur’s location from Hook and Regina and explains that when sword and dagger are united it can either take away all dark magic or light magic. Unfortunately, with Emma in possession, that means she wants to get rid of the light magic.

When Regina tries to use the dreamcatcher later, she discovers that it is not the memories of everyone’s missing time in Camelot, but of Violet’s. Turns out, Emma manipulated (i.e. ripped her heart out) Violet to purposefully break Henry’s heart to secure the Tear of Lost Love. Henry sees what happens and is heartbroken/furious with Emma.
Regina finally confronts Emma and promises to fight back if it means hurting Henry. During their little squabble, Regina learns about Merlin’s resurrection and adds that question to the millions of others she has, such as why is Emma still dark if Merlin was brought back?


  • This episode hit right in the feels on so many levels: Henry’s story, missing Henry/Neal moments, and just Neal mentions in general.
  • Gotta love all the guys (Hook and Charming) giving Henry dating advice with Regina completely in the dark.
  • Is there anyone else who wanted to attend the Storybrooke dance/ball/festival??
  • I wonder if Emma has any recollection at all that she has met Merlin before?
  • So..where is Zelena while everything is going on? Is she locked back up in the hospital in Storybrooke? Chillin’ in a room in Camelot unable to speak? I am 90% certain we have not seen her in the present Storybrooke timeline.
  • I’m interested to go more into Merlin’s story and how everything will be resolved especially since the king who was meant to be (Arthur) is so not.


Regina: “It could be boobytrapped. You could be killed!” Hook: “I didn’t know you cared.”

“If I’m the one on the moral high ground, you’ve fallen quite a ways, Ms Swan.”–Regina

“Don’t ‘Miss Swan’ me. We’ve been through too much.”–Emma, to Regina

Hook: “Well, if it’s dating tips you need, lad, I know my way around women.” Regina: “Over your dead body.”

Most Valuable Resident: Jared Gilmore (Henry Mills). Nothing hurts more than a first broken heart. There were so many different sides to Henry that we had never seen before and it was a new and exciting part of his story. To see him reminisce about Neal, try to be a hero, and even the flirting with Violet was adorable and truly showed how much he has grown up since we first met him on the bus to Boston.

Review: 4.5/5. I loved this episode! There was so much to offer including new sides to a character we’ve seen grow up (Henry), even if it included a heartbreaking twist I certainly didn’t see coming. These are the episodes of OUAT I love: showing growth with the characters we love.

Next Week: Emma decides it’s time to play dirty and goes after Rumple’s biggest weakness: Belle. Will Rumple be able to be a hero? That is next week in “The Bear and the Bow.”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Can Emma come back from this? Will Henry tell Violet the truth? How is Regina going to get everyone’s memories back?

Let me know in comments or via Twitter.


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