8 Creepy Creatures That Have Terrorized Storybrooke


Happy Halloween!

The fairytale characters of Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest have dealt with their fair share of villains. But outside of the Snow Queens and the Pans and the Coras, there have also been those villainous creatures of the non-human variety.

Below are a list of those creatures of the mystical/non-human sense that have tried their worst on those members of Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest.

Which creature creeps you out the most?


  1. TROLLS (1×3)– These (not-so-clever) creatures were almost the cause of Charming and Snow’s demise. But, luckily, their run in with the theives actually brought them together, instead of killing them.

2. WRAITH (2×1)– After magic first arrived in Storybrooke, these soul-sucking-dementor-esque beings were the first things to cause destruction in the Land without Magic.

3. PAN’S SHADOW (3×08)– The first inhabitant of Neverland was the beginning of the sociopathic Peter Pan. He captured children from their beds and brought them to Neverland in hope they could save Pan. Not the movie we remember.

4. OGRES (2×3)– These beasts caused so much chaos in the Enchanted Forest, the ogres were responsible for war that caused destruction and lost lives that lasted for years—and the ogres are blind.

5. MARSHMALLOW (4×1)– This beast was the cause of its creator (Elsa’s) fear, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t know how to frighten the residents of Storybrooke.

6. THE FURY (5×2)– Talk about paying your debts. This creature was responsible for taking lives if a debt (another’s life) was not paid for saving a life. Poor Robin Hood barely got saved if it wasn’t for Regina and Co. to pull and Guardians of the Galaxy and save his life.

7. FLYING MONKEY (3×12)– These flying monstrosities fully lived up to the beasts that haunted us as children in the Wizard of Oz. But, what made these a tad creepier is knowing that they were once humans turned into monkeys.

8. CHERNABOG (4×12)– Yup, this winged creepy creature looks as daunting as it sounds. It is attracted to the person who has the darkest potential–in this case Emma. She certainly has shown off her dark side this season.

Are there any other creatures from Once Upon A Time that didn’t make the list? .

Sound off in the comments or Twitter with missing creatures.


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