OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Broken Heart”


Just when we thought one Dark One was enough, we see that two Dark Ones are far worse–especially when one is a blood-thirsty pirate.

This week’s penultimate episode to the Dark Swan arc tied up loose ends, including why the memories were taken and what Hook’s evil plan is.

There was also some heartbreak for our favorite couples, like Rumbelle and Captain Swan, but there were some lighter moments with Zelena and her daughter and Henry and Emma coming together again.

Let’s begin with recap, but keep on reading for some random thoughts, this week’s Most Valuable Resident, and a promo for Sunday’s mid-season finale.

Shall we begin?

Dark Curse Revisited: After Emma forced the Darkness on Hook in the previous episode, Hook returns to the Dark One’s vault where he remembers all the pain that Rumple caused him in the past (i.e. killing Milah). Once those memories resurface the villainous Hook is brought back and Hook wants revenge on Rumple (again) with the conscience version of Rumple close by.

While trying to figure out a way to get back to Storybrooke, ‘Rumple’ convinces him to take out his anger on Emma by blaming her for turning him into the Dark One.

With convincing, Emma is able to briefly bring him from the Darkness when reminding him of their future back in Storybrooke and ‘Rumple’ disappears. Emma believes it works when she brings him back to Granny’s where Merlin is powerless and worried about the damage Hook can do.

Unfortunately, Emma was not enough because Hook learns from ‘Rumple’ that the Dark Curse is the only way to get to Storybrooke which means the thing that someone loves most must die. Unwilling to kill Emma, Hook comes up with an alternative by having Nimue (one of those pesky Dark One subconsciences) to use the heart of Merlin (the thing she loves most) to cast the curse.

Emma catches Hook in the midst of casting the curse and puts him, along with everyone from Storybrooke, to sleep and takes their memories so they are unable to remember Hook being the Dark One or his evil plan. And all of Camelot are sent to the small town.

Operation Cobra, Part Two: In Storybrooke, after Hook learns the truth of his Dark nature, he uses the dreamcatcher with his memories to remove Emma’s so she will not remember what he has planned.

Meanwhile, when Charmings and Regina find Emma they start doing their own research of what Hook could have planned. Unfortunately, they still don’t trust Emma because of her own Dark nature and they also can’t find the dreamcatchers with their or Emma’s memories.

Even though Henry is still angry with Emma for intercepting his crush on Violet, Emma tries to prove that she is the ‘real’ Emma and can be trusted. Henry is convinced and the two search out the dreamcatchers with their memories thanks to some magic from Rumple and Emma.

Once they collect the dreamcatchers, Emma and Henry bring them to everyone and their memories are restored from the lost time in Camelot and Emma remembers the truth of Hook’s plan.

Captain Dark One: When Hook leaves Emma, he makes his way to Rumple to begin his revenge by challenging him to a duel on the Jolly Roger, “where it all began.”

When Rumple arrives at the Jolly Roger, the duel begins. Thanks to the training from Merida, Rumple is almost a worthy opponent to Hook with Excalibur. Hook gets a knick of Rumple’s blood on his hook, but Rumple bests him and disappears.

Unfortunately, the knick of blood was all Hook needed to continue his plan when Hook goes to Storybrooke’s lake where the boat from the Underworld arrived. With the conscience Rumple by his side, Hook uses the real Rumple’s blood (or someone who died and came back) to open up a portal to the Underworld. When the boat arrives, it carries Nimue, along with all the other Dark Ones, back to fulfill his plan to ‘snuff out all the light.’


  • I started the episode enjoying the sass of Dark Hook, but after seeing everything he pulled in the episode–I’ll take the good Hook back.
  • Rumple has played the same tune of wanting to be a better person for Belle, so proud that Belle actually stood up for herself. Maybe it’ll stick, at least until Rumple can truly prove himself.
  • In other news, I’m glad we got the answers to a lot of questions including how Excalibur got back in the stone and the real reason why the memories were taken.
  • Regina also let Zelena meet her baby girl and Zelena could actually become a good person because of her. Who knew?
  • The names are corny, but I love Emma and Henry’s Operations together.
  • Hook certainly got the hang of dark magic quickly.
  • The idea of using the Dark Curse (again)is weak storytelling on OUAT’s end.
  • Not OK with Merlin dying. I’m holding out hope someway, somehow someone can bring him back. There was not enough time with him.


“What the hell is Captain Dark One up to?”–Regina

“Let’s cut it open and count the rings.”–Rumple, about Merlin’s heart

“Of course I still have feelings for you: Anger. Hatred. Disappointment.”–Hook, to Emma (low blow, Hook)

Most Valuable Resident: Colin O’Donoghue (Captain Hook) There were many shades of Hook in this episode. It started with the sassy, somewhat entertaining, version, but the more the episode progressed the more we saw the new version. The personality may not have been likable, but Colin did a great job of navigating the drastic change in character between just two episodes.

Review: 4/5 After the disappointment of the Merida/Mulan story, the episode was a vast improvement and did a good job of progressing the Hook story. I was much more interested in seeing everyone work together again. The episode’s ending also made me even more intrigued how the arc will end.

Next Week: The winter finale has arrived and the Dark Ones are taking over Storybrooke. How will OUAT leave us for the long three month hiatus? That’s next week in “Swan Song” (eeriely named, if you ask me).

What did you think of the penultimate episode of 5B? Has the Dark Swan story been worth it so far? What did you think of Dark Hook and Rumbelle decisions?

Sound off in comments or via Twitter.







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