OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Swan Song”


The mid-season finale has arrived.

A Once Upon A Time finale always has some big twists and revelations. It was no different this time around.

With Dark Hook on a reign of terror, Emma must figure out how to save her family even if that means saying goodbye to them.

Meanwhile, we go back into Hook’s past and see some family history and what contributed to that pirate we first met.

Check out the headlines for the finale along with thoughts, a review, and what is to come when OUAT returns on March 6.

Let’s begin.

What Kind of Man Will You Be?: Years ago, Killian ‘Hook’ Jones was a wee boy who woke up from a nightmare to have his father comfort him. Unfortunately, the didn’t last because when Killian woke up the next day he discovered that his father abandoned him and his older brother, Liam.

A century, or so, later, Regina calls upon Hook to kill her mother, Cora, but not before she tests him by confronting the father that abandoned him and then killing him.

Once father and son come face-to-face, Hook believes that his father has changed and decides to let him live and escape. However, when it comes time, Hook learns that his father had another son and named him, Liam, the same as his late brother’s name. Hook’s anger boils to the surface over his father’s ‘replacement’ son and kills his father anyway.

When Dark Ones Attack: In Storybrooke, Dark Hook’s plan with the other Dark Ones is in full swing. While the rest of Storybrooke (or at least Emma and family) start to think of a way to stop them. However, their own plan is detoured when the Dark Ones mark Snow, Charming, Regina, Robin, Henry, and even Rumple as a way to switch places with them so the Dark Ones can remain in the Land Without Magic and send them to the Underworld.

While Emma wants to fight, her family decides to not. To pay for what she started Emma decides to sacrifice herself by absorbing all of the Darkness and be killed by Excalibur. When the time comes for everyone to make their way to the Underworld, Hook has a change of heart and realizes he wants to be the man that Emma helped him become and chooses to absorb the Darkness to then be killed by Emma with Excalibur.

Heartbroken, and returned to her red leather jacket clad-self, Emma is still called by the dagger that brings him to Gold’s shop. Turns out, Rumple is back to old ways and when Hook was killed the Darkness was not destroyed was transferred to the dagger–with Rumple’s name on it.

Emma plans to use the knowledge against Rumple and go to the Underworld to retrieve Hook and share their heart as Snow and Charming do. With Rumple’s help, he gets Emma, Snow, Charming, Regina, Robin, and Henry to go to the Underworld to save Hook.


  • Just when I thought Belle got her priorities straight to leave Rumple, she goes back to him. To make matters worse–Rumple is lying again about being the Dark One. So little redemption left in him.
  • In other places, Zelena wants to raise her daughter herself, but Regina and Robin won’t have that and decide to use a tornado to send her back to Oz. She’s definitely wicked, but that was a bit harsh.
  • I’m kind of curious why Hook’s father was able to cheat death for as long as Hook did.
  • There was definitely a parallel with Hook and Neal’s deaths. They both wanted to die a hero. Though Neal didn’t actually cause the amount of destruction that Hook did.
  • This arc definitely has had its issues, but I think my sister said it best as I was watching, “They say goodbye a lot on this show.”


Zelena: “You will see me again.” Regina: “Somewhere over the rainbow.”–Was the line more punny or corny? I don’t care, but I definitely laughed out loud.

“Forgive me if I’m missing the obvious, but how does one get to the Underworld?”–Robin

Most Valuable Resident: Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) There’s really no one who has stepped up to the plate this season more than Jennifer Morrison and this episode was no different. From saying goodbye to her family and to Hook, you could feel the all of her emotions. It was great episode to end her biggest character arc of the series: from Dark Swan to Vintage Emma.

Review: 4/5 While this arc did not have the intrigue of seasons past, the finale came to a nice cliff-hangery ending. The story seemed repetitive to past seasons, but there was enough to like that it didn’t get in the way. Overall, the episode was a good ending (and new beginning) to a somewhat lackluster story arc and hopefully it will lead to a interesting new story in the Underworld with everyone together.

Next Episode: Now begins the three month hiatus until OUAT returns with the newest arc in the Underworld. We got our first glimpse at what that will look like in “Souls of the Departed.” The premiere on March 6th will also serve as the show’s 100th (!!) episode. Let the countdown begin!






What did you think of the OUAT mid-season finale? Are you disappointed in Rumple? Were you upset over Hook’s death?

Sound off in the comments or via Twitter


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