100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 1


There are just shy of 50 days until Once Upon A Time returns with their Underworld arc to save Captain Hook. That also means that we are 49 days from the 100th episode of the fairytale inspired series.

The 100th episode will feature the return of many characters, including Big Bads, like Peter Pan and Cora and also take our favorite characters, such Emma, Regina, and Snow White to a new world to explore.

In honor of the big event, today we’ll begin the new weekly series of 100 different moments from the entire series of the Once Upon A Time.

Let’s begin with moments #1-9.


Episode 001: 1×01“Pilot”
Emma and Henry meet for the first time.– After Emma gave up her son 10 years before, he shows up at her door and begins with his (not-so) crazy fairytale theory.


Episode 002: 1×02″The Thing You Love Most”
Regina and Maleficent fight over the Dark Curse–The beginnings of the story of how Regina came to possess the Dark Curse after manipulating her villainess ‘friend’, Maleficent, into handing it over. 

Episode 003: 1×03 “Snow Falls”
Charming and Snow say their goodbyes–It’s the single moment that started the first and greatest love story on OUAT. 

Episode 004: 1×04 “The Price of Gold”
Emma gives Ashley a pep talk about being a mother– With Cinderella, aka Ashley, down on her luck, Emma uses her own experience as a pregnant teen to give Ashley some motivation.

Episode 005: 1×05 “That Still Small Voice”
Henry tells Archie why the curse is important to him–For months Archie was helping understand Henry’s curse theory and when Archie asks Henry what it means to him the 10-year-old gives a heartbreaking response, “This can’t be it.”


Episode 006: 1×06 “The Sheperd”
Prince Charming defeats the dragon– A mere shepherd was not expected to defeat a dragon, but David proved himself to be his long-lost twin brother, James, and inadvertantly become the prince we know and love.

Episode 007: 1×07 “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”
Graham dies in Emma’s arms–No moment came with as much shock as the beloved character of Graham dies just 7 episodes into the series just as him and Emma start falling for each other.


Episode 008: 1×08 “Desperate Souls”
Rumple becomes the Dark One–Nothing changed the trajectory of a character as much as the moment Rumple killed Zoso to protect his son and become the Dark One. Basically, without this moment none of the show would have come to be. 


Episode 009: 1×09 “True North”
Emma helps Hansel and Gretal reunite with their father–The pictures say it all after Emma made her mission to help the brother/sister duo reunite with their long-lost father.


What are your favorite moments from episodes 1-9?

Next week, make sure you come back to see moments from the next batch of episodes!



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