100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 2


Last week began the countdown of 100 moments of Once Upon Time’s 100 episodes.

With the ABC show in it’s fifth season there have been plenty of moments that have made the show the fairytale story that it is.

Today we continue with moments from way back in season one. From Snowing to Rumbelle and even Abigail and Frederick, this addition has many favorite couples represented.

Now let’s begin moments from episodes 10-16!


Episode 010: 1×10 “7:15 A.M.”
David and Mary Margaret’s kiss in Storybrooke– After trying to avoid each other and their feelings, the feelings took over and David and Mary Margaret had their kiss in the middle of Storybrooke.

Episode 011: 1×11 “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”
Regina turns the Genie into the Magic Mirror- Regina was nothing but a good trickster in her days leading up to the ‘Evil Queen.’ She proved that name when she convinced the Genie to kill her husband and live as her servant from then on in the Magic Mirror.

Episode 012: 1×12 “Skin Deep”
Belle chips Rumple’s tea cup- Rumple and Belle’s relationship has always been bumpy. There was always one item that showed how the relationship began. That, of course, is the creation of the chipped cup–the most important artifact in their relationship.

Episode 013: 1×13 “What Happened to Frederick”
Frederick comes back to life- Abigail never seemed like the happiest of princesses. But it all made sense when we learned what happened to her true love, Frederick. Thanks to Charming, Abigail was able to take back her happy ending with Frederick.

Episode 014: 1×14 “Dreamy”
Dreamy gets some love advice from Belle- Before Dreamy was Grumpy, he got some of the best advice from stranger, Belle, while he was in the midst of a love crisis. It’s advice that even Grumpy remembered years later in Stroybrooke.

Episode 015: 1×15 “Red-Handed”
Snow finds out Red is the wolf- One of the biggest twists from season 1 was learning that the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t just a wolf, but actually Red Riding Hood herself. Talk about changing fairytales as we know them.

Episode 016: 1×16 “Heart of Darkness”
Snow remembers Charming- With Snow under the spell to forget Charming, Charming had to go for a grand romantic gesture to get her to remember him. That meant taking an arrow to stop her from killing Regina. It worked and for a mili-second Charming and Snow were reunited before he was taken away.



Are there any moments that are your favorite from episodes 10-16?

Sound off in the comments.

Tune in Wednesday where the countdown will continue with moments from the next set of episodes.


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