100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 3


Here we are again with the continuation of the 100 moments of Once Upon A Time.

We are just under 40 days away from the return of Once Upon A Time and their Underworld arc.

We’ll meet characters from the Disney movie, Hercules, along with characters from past OUAT arcs.

For now, in this edition, we’ll go back in time to the end of season 1 when everyone was trying to convince Emma the curse was real (feels like forever ago, right?!?).

So let’s begin with moments 17-23!

If you’ve missed moments 1-16, click here and here.

Episode 017: 1×17 “Hat Trick”
Jefferson tries to convince Emma of curse-The Mad Hatter lived up to his name when he kidnapped Emma and Mary Margaret. But Jefferson slowly began to punch holes in Emma’s disbelief as he tried to (unsuccessfully) get Emma to believe in Regina’s dark curse.

Episode 018: 1×18 “The Stable Boy”
Cora kills Daniel-The death of Regina’s true love, Daniel, is a pivotal point for the series. Without Daniel dying at the hands of Regina’s mother, Cora, there never would’ve been a reason for Regina’s revenge against Snow White, thanks to her inability to keep a secret.

Episode 019: 1×19 “The Return”
Rumple loses Baelfire-Another important moment for the series. After Rumple lost his son, Baelfire, to the Land without Magic, Rumple spent many lifetimes figuring out a way to get back to him. If not for losing Baelfire, it is unlikely Storybrooke would’ve ever existed.

Episode 020: 1×20 “The Stranger”
August takes his chance to convince Emma of curse- August’s goal from his first few appearances was to get Emma to believe in the curse. When he finally tries to prove it to her, Emma wanted nothing to do with it which led to a nasty confrontation (and great acting by Jennifer Morrison and Eion Bailey).

Episode 021: 1×21 “An Apple Red as Blood”
Henry eats Regina’s apple turnover- All poor Henry wanted was to get Emma to believe that it was her job to bring back the happy endings. Unfortunately, he got in the middle of Regina’s battle with Emma and almost made a bigger sacrifice that he realized.

Episode 022: 1×22 “A Land Without Magic”
Emma breaks the curse- The big moment! After 22 episodes of trying to bring back the happy endings, Emma inadvertently succeeded with true love’s kiss for her son, Henry, to save his life. Let the happy reunions begin.

Episode 023: 2×01 “Broken”
The Charming family reunion- This one is a little selfish because it is one of my own favorite moments from the series. However, how can the (long awaited) reunion between orphan, Emma Swan, and her fairy tale parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, not be a memorable moment? Lots of happy tears.

These episodes had plenty of memorable moments. Which moments are your favorites?

Let me know in the comments or via Twitter.

Next time, we go more into season 2 of Once Upon A Time.

Don’t forget Once Upon A Time returns with its 100th episode on Sunday March 6 at 8p on ABC. 



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