100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 6


Only 4 weeks until the spring premiere of Once Upon A Time with the 100th episode in the Underworld.

We are at the end of moments from season 2 with battles between good and evil, fairytale characters being resurrected, and Emma’s big moment with her parents.

Let’s continue with moments #38-44!

Missed other moments? Check them out here.

Episode 038: 2×16 “The Miller’s Daughter”
Fight scene at Mr. Gold’s– Regina and Cora were never good news together. When it came time for the battle to save Rumple from Cora, Charming, Emma, and Neal decided to take their chance against them and actually did a fair job at stopping them.

Episode 039: 2×17 “Welcome to Storybrooke”
Henry attempts to stop magic– All Henry wanted was his family to get along. In his little 11 year old mind, blowing up magic was the only way to do it. Luckily, Regina was able to stop him before things got much, much worse.

Episode 040: 2×18 “Selfless, Brave and True”
August returns to a little boy– August did not always make the right decisions. One of the few times he did he was killed by the crazy Tamara. With the helpful memory of Henry, the Blue Fairy was able to bring August back, but as the young Pinocchio.

Episode 041: 2×19 “Lacey”
Rumple spares Robin Hood’s life- One of the many stories of Belle and Rumple. Rumple showed his kind side to Belle when he decided to spare Robin Hood’s life after realizing he was trying to save his sick pregnant wife, Maid Marian.

Episode 042: 2×20 “The Evil Queen”
Snow tells ‘Regina’ the story of how they met– When Regina transforms herself into a stranger to kill Snow, rather than causing harm, Regina hears the story, from Snow, about how they met. Regina, for a short while, believes that she could change for the better until Snow sees a village that Regina slaughtered. Needless to say, Regina did not change then.

Episode 043: 2×21 “Second Star to the Right”
Emma confronts Neal on the beach– There has always been baggage between Neal and Emma. They finally got their chance to say their peace with each other. Heartbreaking as it was, it was a good chance to hear them.

Episode 044 : 2×22 “And Straight on Til Morning”
Emma and Regina save the town– The first of many times that Storybrooke needed to be saved by Regina and Emma. As the end was upon them, Emma had a moment with her parents and called them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad.’ Very sweet. Then Regina and Emma saved Storybrooke!

With season 2 moments coming to a close, what were your favorite moments?

Don’t forget to sound off in the comments or via Twitter.

Part 7 will be released on Wednesday.

Don’t forget Once Upon A Time returns with its 100th episode on Sunday March 6 at 8p on ABC. 



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