100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 7


We are halfway through the 100 moments leading up to the spring premiere of Once Upon A Time.

Fifty episodes in brings us to the Storybrooke troop taking on Once‘s sociopathic version of Peter Pan in season 3A (as it may be referred as). In the early moments we saw a character’s origin story along with multiple characters learning revelations about themselves and their family members.

So let’s begin with moments #45-51!

Missed moments 1-51? Check them out here.

Episode 045: 3×1 “Heart of the Truest Believer”
Emma’s pep talk– After Henry was kidnapped, Emma was not in a good place when they first arrived in Neverland. When they landed on the island, Emma decided to take her anger and give the Neverland crew a pep talk to help them save Henry–and it certainly helped.

Episode 046: 3×2 “Lost Girl”
Emma realizes she is a lost girl- Emma always had an interesting relationship with her parents. Thanks to a ploy from Pan, Emma came to the realization that even though she found her parents, she will always feel like an orphan.

Episode 047: 3×3 “Quite a Common Fairy”
Milan goes to Aurora to say ‘I love you”- The relationship that never actually happened. After spending time with Neal and Robin at Rumple’s castle, Mulan realized it was time to tell Aurora she loved her. But, before she could, Aurora spilled the beans that her and Prince Phillip were expecting a baby.

Episode 048: 3×4 “Nasty Habits”
Neal realizes Rumple’s plan- Rumple learned that Henry would be his undoing and kept that secret from everyone. However, Pan knew the secret and decided to tell Neal just as they were saving Henry. Even though Rumple didn’t care anymore, Neal did not take the news well and they lost Henry back to Pan.

Episode 049: 3×5 “Good Form”
Killian Jones becomes a pirate- Hook was not always a pirate. After a misleading adventure to Neverland, Killian Jones lost his brother, Liam, to dreamshade. With that, Hook recruited his shipmates to become pirates.

Episode 050: 3×6 “Ariel”
Emma’s secret to Neal- A lot of secrets were revealed in the Echo Caves. After Hook, Charming, and Snow, it was time for Emma to give Neal her peace. Unfortunately, it was not the best news for Neal, but he willingly accepted her secret.

Episode 051: 3×7 “Dark Hollow”
Emma chooses Henry over  Hook and Neal- Nothing says petty like two guys (literally) fighting over the same girl. Luckily, Emma put them in their place and told them she would not choose either while Henry was still missing. She chose her son.


What are your favorite moments from the beginning of the Neverland arc?

Sound off in comments or via Twitter.

Part 8 will be released on Sunday (3 weeks before the premiere).

Don’t forget Once Upon A Time returns with its 100th episode on Sunday March 6 at 8p on ABC. 


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