100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 9


We are slowly moving closer to the moment 100.

This addition includes highlights from Oz arc in Storybrooke. There are deaths, fights, curses, and more.

Now to continue with moments #59-65!

Missed any of the other moments? Check them out here.

Episode 059: 3×15 “Quiet Minds
Neal’s death– This one is tough. Neal spent so much time and effort to get his family back together and it all got shattered thanks to Zelena. Watching Emma and Rumple say their final goodbyes to Neal was absolutely heartbreaking.

Episode 060: 3×16 “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
Regina and Zelena face-off– When it is evil vs. wicked, you know the showdown will be a good one. Regina and Zelena’s first battle in Storybrooke ended pretty soon after it began, but Regina fought the good fight taking a note from Cora and leaving her heart out of the fight.

Episode 061: 3×17 “The Jolly Roger”
Zelena curses Hook’s lips– Hook’s feelings for Emma were known most. However, the one person he should’t have admitted them to was Ariel/Zelena because the second he did Zelena cursed his lips trapping him in an impossible place with Emma.

Episode 062: 3×18 “Bleeding Through”
Snow and Regina talk– Snow and Regina have one of the most complicated relationships on Once Upon A Time. Finally, they were able to have a much needed heart-to-heart that broke down a lot of barriers and also led Regina to Robin Hood.

Episode 063: 3×19 “A Curious Thing”
Regina splits Snow’s heart– It’s hard to imagine Snow White without her Prince Charming. For a second, we almost had to, until Snow realized the power of their love and convinced Regina to split Snow’s heart in two to save Charming.

Episode 064: 3×20 “Kansas”
Snow reunites with baby- Snow’s luck giving birth has not been great. Seeing Zelena take her newborn son away unable to do anything was so sad considering it happened with Emma 30 (or so) years before. Thankfully, the heroes succeeded and Charming was able to reunite Snow and baby boy. Another great family reunion.

Episode 065: 3×21 “Snow Drifts”
Emma and Hook arrive in the Enchanted Forest– One of the most entertaining exchanges of the series. When you get stuck in a time travel portal, how do you get back? Seeing Emma confuse Hook with her ’80s film trivia was a great way to begin their adventure in the past.



What moments do you like from the Wicked Witch arc?

Sound off in comments.

Next addition will be released on Sunday.

Don’t forget Once Upon A Time returns with its 100th episode on Sunday March 6 at 8p on ABC. 


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