Once Upon A Time: 100th Episode Celebration


Today is the day that the Once Upon A Time cast, crew, writers, and creators are celebrating their 100th episode in Storybrooke’s home of Steveston in Vancouver, Canada.

Hopefully, we will see cast members past (Robbie Kay), present (Jennifer Morrison), and future (Greg Germann, who will be playing Hades come March 6) joining in all the fun in honor of 100 episodes of Once Upon A Time. Let’s also not forget the appearance of the show’s fearless leaders, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis.

There seems no better time than to use the new (!) Storybrooke Resident twitter account where I will be retweeting as many interviews, pictures, and along with anything I see from the festivities.

Make sure you go to Twitter.com/ATowninMaineSB to follow and check out all of the fun the cast is having in Storybrooke!

Want to relive some memories from episodes 1-99? Check out the 100 Episodes, 100 Moments series counting up until the premiere of OUAT on March 6.


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