100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 11


With the Frozen arc coming to an end on our list, we are slowly moving closer to moments 99 and and the big 1-0-0!

This list includes Emma uncontrollable magic, Belle’s brave eviction of Rumple and Snow’s big bad secret.

Now for moments #73-79!

Missed any of the other moments? Check them out here.

Episode 073: 4×07 “The Snow Queen”
Emma’s powers backfire– We’ve seen Emma gain, learn, and lose her magic. One thing we didn’t see was the magic out of control. After a series of events that’s what happened and Emma tried her best to keep in under control, but thanks to the Snow Queen it got out of hand, even accidentally hurting Charming. That’s when Emma went into hiding.

Episode 074: 4×08 “Smash the Mirror Part 1 and 2”
Elsa gets Emma to control her powers– Very few people could’ve gotten Emma out of her funk. Luckily, a Frozen friend named Elsa used her own experience to get Emma to realize that her powers were apart of her and not against her.

Episode 075: 4×09 “Fall”
Anna and Kristoff’s ‘wedding’– For a couple that got very little screen time together, they certainly made up for it in this little moment. Anna and Kristoff’s romance from the film was expanded in a great way in the film. To see Anna try to marry herself to Kristoff before her imminent death was heartbreaking and then Kristoff promised they would get out and that they did.

Episode 076: 4×10 “Shattered Sight”
Snow vs. Regina– Snow and Regina have had nothing short but a complicated relationship. Thanks to the Shattered Sight curse, all of that came to blows in a highly entertaining fight. Not only were Snow and Regina fighting, but there was Charming in the background rooting on and simultaneously bickering with Snow about their past and baby Neal’s stroller.

Episode 077: 4×11 “Heroes and Villains”
Belle banishes from Rumple from Storybrooke– It was about time that Belle stood up for herself. Throughout all of the Frozen arc we saw Rumple lie through his teeth to Belle about Anna, Elsa, and Ingrid. When Belle learned the truth, she made a brave move and banished him, powerless, from Storybrooke so he wouldn’t cause any more harm.

Episode 078: 4×12 “Darkness on the Edge of Town”
Emma and Regina outrun  the Chernabog– After a peaceful six weeks in Storybrooke, chaos ensued, yet again, when a Chernabog (supposedly) was going after Regina and her dark heart. While trying to force it out of town, Emma and Regina had a humorous conversation regarding the yellow bug while also trying to get that beast out of town.

Episode 079: 4×13 “Unforgiven”
Snow confides in Regina about her secret with Maleficent– We’ve mostly seen Snow and Charming as the ‘heroes.’ This was not the case when Maleficent returned with a big secret about Snow and Charming. In an eerie moment, Snow secretly met Regina in the woods to confide in her about the ginormous secret they’ve kept from Emma.


Are there any favorite moments from the end of Frozen or the beginning of the Queens of Darkness arc?

Sound off in comments or via Twitter.

Part 12 will be arriving on Sunday–1 week from the premiere!

Don’t forget Once Upon A Time returns with its 100th episode on Sunday March 6 at 8p on ABC. 


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