100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 12


There is only 1 week left until we finally return to the world of Storybrooke.

After many months, the adventure will begin to save Captain Hook from the Underworld.

Until then, the 100 Episodes, 100 Moments series continues with the return of a character, the backstory of a villain, and a twist involving another wicked villain.

Let’s continue with moments #80-86!

If you’ve missed moments 1-79, check them out here.

Episode 080: 4×14 “Enter the Dragon”
Pinocchio returns as August– He was the man with the the knowledge about the Author. Unfortunately, after many missteps, he was back to his child-self. That didn’t stop Rumple. He used the magic of his dagger to turn Pinocchio back to August.

Episode 081: 4×15 “Poor Unfortunate Soul”
Hook tells Emma his ‘happy ending’– We’ve seen their love story from the beginning. After everything they’ve been through, it should’ve been clear Hook cared madly, deeply for Emma. He finally let her know that Emma was his ‘happy ending.’

Episode 082: 4×16 “Best Laid Plans”
The Author is released from the book– When it was revealed that the Author was trapped in a page from the Storybrooke, he had to be released. With the key found and the story told, the Author was revealed. Before he could help Snow, Charming and Emma, he knocks them out and gets away.

Episode 083: 4×17 “Heart of Gold”
Marian is revealed as Zelena– Talk about a twist. After Marian, Robin, and Rumple are forced to be in New York, Marian reveals a big secret to a dying Rumple. Turns out Marian wasn’t Marian, but Zelena who masked herself to continue her revenge on Regina.

Episode 084: 4×18 “Sympathy of the De Vil”
The Author changes Cruelly’s story– Many of the OUAT villains have some redeemable quality. Cruella was the first one who was truly a villain without redemption. But, The Author stopped her from hurting anyone and wrote her story so she was unable to kill anyone.

Episode 085: 4×19 “Lily”
Regina stops Emma from killing Lily– After killing Cruella, Emma’s descent into darkness spiraled. When she was reunited with Lily and learned she wanted revenge on her parents, Emma almost killed Lily. Thankfully, Regina talked her down and was able to save the Savior from killing yet another.

Episode 086: 4×20 “Mother”
Regina tells Zelena what her ‘happy ending’ is– Regina was searching for her happy ending for many years and thought it was true love. After everything she experienced with Zelena, she learned that all she wanted was to feel ‘at home in the world.’ Whether it was with Robin or not she just wanted some security.


Deep into the Queens of Darkness arc, what are your favorite moments?

Sound off via Twitter or in the comments.

Only 1 week until the return of Once Upon A Time. The final parts of the 100 Episodes, 100 Moments series will be released before the 100th episode.

Don’t forget Once Upon A Time returns with its 100th episode on Sunday March 6 at 8p on ABC. 


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