100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 13


There are just days until the return of Once Upon A Time.

We’ll finally see the return of memorable villains in their quest to save Captain Hook from the Underworld in the 100th episode.

On the addition of 100 Episodes, 100 Moments, Henry becomes a hero, Emma becomes the Dark One and the adventure to Camelot begins.

Time for moments #87-93!

Missed the other moments? Check them out here.

Episode 087: 4×21 “Operation Mongoose, Part 1”
Evil Snow and Charming meet Bandit Regina- It was a fun trip to see the roles reversed in The Author’s story. After knowing Regina and Snow’s original story, it changed dramatically when we saw Evil Snow meet Bandit Regina in a crazy role reversal where Snow was the one ripping out hearts and throwing fireballs.

Episode 088: 4×22 “Operation Mongoose, Part 2”
Henry becomes The Author- “Operation Mongoose” was Henry’s story. He was able to get in the book and try to save his family. When it looked like he almost failed he discovered that he was the one who could be the new Author and be the hero.

Episode 089: 5×01 “The Dark Swan”
Emma fights the Darkness against Merida- Emma’s internal struggle came to a head when he basically forced her to kill Merida for the wisp. Luckily in the knock of time, Hook, along with Emma’s other loved ones, was able to stop her from going into Darkness.

Episode 090: 5×02 “The Price”
Charming teaches Regina to dance- It seemed very unlikely that Regina could put aside her differences with Snow to actually become family/friends. They really proved that bond when Charming decided to teach Regina to dance before the big ball in Camelot.

Episode 091: 5×03 “Siege Perilous”
Emma wakes Rumple up to help her release Excalibur- Since Rumple was released of the Darkness, he was given a blank slate and new heart. In order to release Excalibur, Emma needed just that to help her.

Episode 092: 5×04 “Broken Kingdom”
Snow and Charming trick Arthur– Charming wanted to feel useful in helping Emma. Arthur tried to trick Charming into giving him the dagger to help save Emma, almost turning Snow and Charming against each other. With a bit of trickery of their own, Snow, Charming, along with Lancelot were able to learn Arthur’s true nature while also keeping the dagger from him.

Episode 093: 5×05 “The Dreamcatcher”
Regina confronts Emma about Henry– Emma did a lot of hurting as the Dark One, but not even Henry was immune to it. When Emma took Henry’s first crush’s heart to help herself and release Merlin, Regina did not take it well. It was an eerie role reversal confrontation that mirrored many of Regina and Emma’s first interactions.


With the Camelot arc beginning, what were your favorite moments from the beginning?

Sound off in comments or via Twitter.

Only 1 last addition left of 100 moments. What moments do you think should be on the list?

Don’t forget Once Upon A Time returns with its 100th episode on this Sunday March 6 at 8p/7c on ABC. 



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