100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 14


Today is the day we’ve been waiting for.

After 99 episodes, the coveted 100th episode of Once Upon A Time will premiere tonight after a lengthy 91 day hiatus.

We’ll finally see our favorite characters, familiar faces and much more.

In the final installment of 100 Episodes, 100 Moments, we see the past Dark Ones, more of Merida’s story, and the transformation of Captain Hook to the Dark One.

Last, but not least, the last moments #94-100!

Missed any moments from 100 Episodes, 100 Moments? Check them all out here.

Episode 094: 5×06 “The Bear and the Bow”
Merida saves her brothers from the clansmen– Rather than changing the story of Merida, Once Upon A Time decided to expand upon the story by sharing what happened after Brave. We had the chance to see Merida save her kingdom along with those rambunctious brothers of hers by using her impressive archery skills.


Episode 095: 5×07 “Nimue”
Emma fights the Darkness- Emma had a lot of stuff on her mind as the Dark One. In many cases, it was people in her head. With Merlin, she met Nimue, the 1st Dark One and Merlin’s love. Emma had to fight her off with many of the thoughts in her head.

Episode 096: 5×08 “The Birth”
Emma makes Hook another Dark One– After getting a simple cut from Excalibur, Hook was believed to have saved the day. However, later the cut nearly killed him and rather  than losing Hook, Emma decided to tether the Darkness to Hook as well and she turned him into another Dark One.

Episode 097: 5×09 “The Bear King”
Mulan teaches Merida to fight– Two of the strongest in Disney canon actually had the chance to meet on Once Upon A Time. Mulan was entrusted by King Fergus to teach Merida to fight in their war. With that, a friendship was created between the two Brave warriors.

Episode 098: 5×10 “Broken Heart”
Hook crushes Merlin’s heart– The entire goal of the Camelot story was to find Merlin to help Emma get rid of the Darkness. Unfortunately, a vengeful, now Dark One, Captain Hook wasn’t exactly pals with the sorcerer and crushed his heart to assist with his Dark One plan.

Episode 099: 5×11 “Swan Song”
Hook sacrifices himself to undo his evil-Dark One plan- Hook’s short time as the Dark One caused a lot of issues. Most of all was the plan to ‘snuff out the light’ from Storybrooke. Before Emma sacrificed herself, Hook decided to become the better man and sacrificed himself and absorbed the Darkness and died in Emma’s arms.

Episode 100: 5×12 “Souls of the Departed”

Tonight we will watch the 100th episode of Once Upon A Time. We’ll see characters enter the world of the Underworld where there will be plenty of OUAT moments to come then and maybe even in the next 100 episodes.


The last episode in 100 Episodes, 100 Moments. Which moments are your favorites from all 100 episodes?

Sound off via Twitter.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight, Sunday, for the return of Once Upon A Time and the 100th episode at 8p/7c on ABC!


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