OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Labor of Love”


It seems like it has been forever since we had Snow White at the forefront of an episode.

After an episode, like this week’s, it reminds us why she is such a beloved character and why the relationship between her and Regina is one of the most flawed, but greatest, relationships that has truly grown before our eyes.

This week’s episode had us meeting the beloved Olympus hero and learned his history with a young Snow White. We also saw more of Hades and saw Hook fighting for his life to get back to Emma.

But, this episode was really all about Snow White, the former Mary Margaret, and how she made that transition back to the kick-ass hero we love.

See below for the recap of this week’s episode along with thoughts, a review, quotes, and (the obvious) winner of Most Valuable Resident.

Now let’s begin!

Zero to Hero: Many years ago, bandits were hasselling and stealing from the people of Snow White’s kingdom. With her father away, young Snow had to step in and fix the problem.

Overwhelmed (and with no help from step-mother, Regina), Snow escaped to the forest and fell into a hole. Luckily, she was rescued by the dashing demi-god named Hercules. And a first crush began. After explaining her dilemma to Herc, he offered to help train her to defeat the bandits. Herc, himself, was one task away from joining his father on Mount Olympus.

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After learning with a bow and arrow (her, now, signature weapon), Snow went face-to-tumblr_o41cydeqzd1sbd8oto1_250face with the bandits. When the first confrontation is forced to be saved by Hercules, Snow returns again and casts away the bandits in order to save her people. The bandits, turns out, were doing the bidding of Regina who wants to make a fool of Snow in order for herself to become queen. Well, looks like Regina was made the fool.

He Needs a Hero: Back in the Underworld, Hook is being held captive by the three-headed dog, Cerberus, along with another prisoner. In order to help her, Hook distracts the beast for the young woman to get away and find Emma. After the woman finds Emma and tells her of Cerberus, the next step is to defeat it themselves.

For Mary Margaret, she feels so helpless in trying to help Emma save Hook. When she comes across her old friend, Hercules’, grave, Mary Margaret searches him in hopes that he will help defeat Cerberus and save Hook. Hercules tells her that he was killed by Cerberus making him unable to join his father on Mount Olympus.

Snow helps give Hercules the confidence and before long, the young friends along with Regina and Emma head to the undergrounds to find the beast, when they finally meet Hades, Herc’s uncle, who is unhappy about the alliance with his own family. Because of this Hades makes his own threat against Hook.

Poor Mary Margaret feels absolutely defeated by everything and it is Regina who gives one of the best pep talks to her former enemy, in order to save Hook and help Hercules. Together, Hercules, Snow White, and the young prisoner, who just so happens to be Megara, join to kill Cerberus.

Elsewhere, Robin and Henry are sent on their own separate mission to find maps of the town in Regina’s office. Blocked by magic, Henry is forced to go in alone and runs into Cruella who wants his help, as The Author. Cruella explains that the magic of the quill is floating around the Underworld somewhere and if Henry gets it he can use it and write Cruella back into the “real world.” This would mean Emma never actually killed anyone. Henry agrees, but keeps the secret from Robin and his entire family.

After Cerberus is killed, Snow White decides to leave Mary Margaret behind and return to tumblr_o409ph5f3n1qf5hjqo2_500her Snow White-ways to the happiness of Regina. With Hercules defeating his final task, he is able to leave the Underworld and go to Mount Olympus with Meg, who also seemed to be part of his unfinished business.

However, with two more people exiting the Underworld, Hades is not happy. As punishment, he makes Hook choose three of his friends who will be forced to stay in the Underworld as replacements for those who left.


  • It’s hard to believe it has been three years since we last saw Bailee Madison as ‘Young Snow.’ Still great casting for the character.
  • Although for a short time, I was all for the Robin/Henry bonding moment. For basically step-father/step-son, we have seen few interactions.
  • How cute was the relationship between Hercules and Young Snow?? If I didn’t love Snow and Charming so much I may have to root for Herc.
  • Hades definitely has the sinister personality that we know from the movie. However, it was dissappointing how un-Megara like she was portrayed on the show. What was so loved about the character was ability to not be a damsel-in-distress and the complete sass that was so unlike any Disney princess.
  • I wish there was more explanation about Megara and Hercules. Their story felt so incomplete.
  • Cruella and Henry make an interesting “team.” I wonder how long it will take until a family member discovers the plan.


“Nobody’s better at tracking than Bandit Snow”–Charming

“It’s a cold day in hell when I move in with the Charmings”–Regina

“You defeated me in a way no one thought possible– you made me your friend, by never giving up on me.”–Regina, to Snow (talk about a relationship turnaround)

“Oh, how I miss the real world. The music, the gin, the glamour…the gin”–Cruella

Snow: “I want to be ‘Snow White’ again.” Regina: “Well, it’s about time!”

Most Valuable Resident: Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) It’s been such a long time since Snow has been the front of the episode, she earned it this time around. Seeing how heartbroken she was when reunited with Hercules to seeing the return of ‘bad ass’ Snow White was a nice turn of events for the character. Even more hopeful, was the talk between Snow and Regina. Long time coming and another great moment. I hope we can get some more ‘Snow time.’

Review: 4.5/5 This episode was so good all around. From the return of young Snow in the flashback to seeing the story in present day Underworld, nothing really disappointed. It fulfilled many promises about the “season 1 feel” the creators promised. Even all the side stories were enjoyable: Henry/Cruella, Snow/Hercules, and Hades/Hook. I think it’s safe to call this one of the best episodes of season 5.

Next Week: Look’s like Dark One and Hades will meet in the Underworld and it’sHades wants a deal with the devil. Also, Hook is put in a comprimising position, just as Emma gets to see him. Find out next week in, “Devil’s Due.”







What did you think of Hercules’ OUAT story? Are you interested in what Henry could do for Cruella? Whose names do you think would Hook put on those gravestones?

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