OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Devil’s Due”


The Underworld is getting more and more twisty now that our Storybrooke characters have entered.

This week brought the return of a very connected character that finally was able to return, thanks to the Underworld, Milah.

Rumple uses Milah’s past with Hook to assist Emma and him in saving Hook from Hades. On the journey, we learn of a grave mistake Rumple made during his marriage to Milah and how those mistakes will haunt him all these years later.

Check out the recap for, “Devil’s Due,” along with quotes, thoughts, and the Most Valuable Resident for the episode.

And now to begin.

All Deals Come With A Price: When Rumple was still married to Milah, things were not very good. While they were arguing, one day, a young Baelfire was bitten by a poisonous snake and Milah had to work together to cure him.

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When they went to a healer, who offers a cure, but at a high cost. Instead of buying it, Milah decides it would be best for Rumple to kill the healer for the cure. While Rumple tried to kill the man, the healer woke up and decides to make a deal (his first deal) with tumblr_o4dborbmma1sjcg5bo9_250Rumple for the antidote.

Rumple brings the cure back home and while the potion heals Bae, Milah learns what the price was. Rumple promised the healer his second born child, devestating an already furious Milah. Milah then decides to return to the tavern for the night where she had earlier met a certain pirate who told of his world travels. Yes, it was Captain (not yet Hook) Jones.

A Complicated Past: In order to get out of the Underworld, Rumple finally leaves the shop to assist Emma in saving Hook. They recruit his ex-wife, and Hook’s former lover, Milah, to give them access to where Hades is and where Hook most likely is.

tumblr_o4davf0u6q1tyve2io1_250Upon a few very awkward introductions between Emma and Milah, they make their way to
the underground to save Hook, who was being dangled over the River of Lost Souls by Hades for not choosing friends to stay in the Underworld.

When they take a boat to the entrance of the River, Emma goes ahead to save Hook, while Milah stays behind with Rumple to keep an eye on him. Emma makes her way to Hook and saves him just in time. Milah and Rumple, meanwhile, rehash some old wounds about their son and Milah reveals that her unfinished business was Bae and all she wants is to be at peace with him.

Elsewhere, Regina’s magic doesn’t seem to be working in the Underworld and she goes looking for someone in the Underworld. Cruella helps explain how the tombstones work and whether certain people are in the Underworld or not. Regina brings Snow along to the tombstone and it is revealed to be Daniel’s, who, she learns, is not in the Underworld, buy moved on to a better place. Regina says goodbye and soon after her magic is restored.

Waiting for Hook and Emma, Hades pops up and offers to make a deal with Rumple. If Rumple will destroy their boat (and the way home), Hades will poof him back to Storybrooke to be with Belle. Rumple agrees, but that means harming Milah, who he pushes into the River of Lost Souls. Hook and Emma return after and Rumple blames Hades for what happened.

Meanwhile, Hook is reunited with the other Storybrooke crew and Regina tries to split Emma’s heart to give to Hook. However, the magic won’t allow it. Turns out, after Hook refused to sentence people to stay in the Underworld, Hades did and chose Emma, Regina, and Snow to stay making Emma unable to save Hook.


News wasn’t good for Rumple either. After he abided by Hades’ deal, Rumple waited to go home, but Hades’ refused because he learned some sensitive information after Rumple used a crystal ball to see his child (as in Neal). Instead, Belle was shown in Storybrooke, meaning a second child was to be born.

Even though Rumple had killed the healer years before as the Dark One, in the Underworld, it didn’t matter. Hades’ got the healer to sell the deal and now Hades’ has the rights to Rumple’s second child.


  • As frustrating as Rumple is, the pure giddiness he had about introducing Emma and Milah was absolutely fantastic.
  • Hades’ hair is a little too much. It’s important to the character, but the CGI-ness of it all is distracting.
  • Emma may have a complicated connection to Milah, but the fact that she told her about seeing Neal (and the only one Emma told) was very sweet.
  • How frustrating was it that Rumple completely destroyed Milah’s unfinished business? She did plenty of wrong, but she didn’t deserve that.
  • I was hoping Milah’s unfinished business had something to do with Henry since that is the closest thing to Neal’s blood in the Underworld. How sweet would that have been? Stupid Rumple had to go and ruin it.
  • The Daniel story was out-of-place, but I think it was a nice moment to see Regina realize that he was at peace.
  • Seriously, Rumple…is there no redemption left in you?? You don’t sell your child. Poor Belle so doesn’t deserve you.


“You’ve been with my former lover and my son, is that right?”–Milah, to Emma

“Get your hand off that squiggly thing. I’m not here to fight”–Hades about Rumple’s dagger

“Did I say rival? I meant supplier.”–Hades

Emma: “I never listen.” Hook: “You’re impossible.” Emma: “And you love me for it.”

Most Valuable Resident: Rachel Shelley (Milah) For a character that was never seen in the best light, her return in the Underworld was welcomed. Her presence has always been strong against Rumple in the past, but to see how she’s changed in the Underworld was so different. Most heartbreaking was her reveal to Rumple about Baelfire. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to finish that, however, her story in the episode was a nice one to return to.

Review: 4/5 The Underworld arc is a stand-out story from recent season arcs. This episode also had just as much to offer. Hook was saved, Hades’ keeps proving his evil-ness, and the end twists keep me intrigued in the story. A majority of the flashback felt a little ‘filler-y,’ but with the reveal at the end it tied it up nicely.

Next Week: Now that Hook is saved, the Storybrooke crew must get back to Storybrooke. Hook enlists his big brother, Liam’s, help, but he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Emma’s and Hook may decide to listen to him. Find out in “The Brothers Jones.”






What did you think of the Belle baby bombshell? Did saving Hook seem too easy? On a scale of 1-10, just how made at Rumple are you?

Sound off via Twitter: @ATownInMaineSB or in the comments.

Don’t forget to tune into next week’s episode, Sunday @ 8/7c on ABC.


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