OUAT Thoughts and Review: “The Brothers Jones”


With every passing episode, there has been someone deeply connected to the Underworld crew that has needed their help.

One of those people happened to be Hook’s beloved brother, Liam, who not only try to help them, but also held a dark secret from his younger brother–and some distaste for his girlfriend.

Check out below the recap for “The Brothers Jones,” along with quotes, this week’s Most Valuable Resident, and plenty more.

Enchanted Forest That Was: When Killian and his brother, Liam, were days from being free from the servitude forced upon by their father, Killian’s drinking caused him to be stuck a little longer and prolong their dream of joining the Royal Navy. Being a better big brother, Liam decided that he would stay if Killian had to and the two went out to sea with their captain and shipmates.

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Unfortunately, that night, the crew headed towards an awful storm for a gem called, Eye of the Storm and the captain almost killed them all. Liam took matters into his hands and formed a mutiny against the captain and took control of the ship with Killian’s help.

While Liam was below deck, he was paid a visit from Hades, who offered him a deal to save Killian and Liam and give them the Eye of the Storm, but the ship had to be sunk in order to send more people to the Underworld. Liam agreed and he and Killian were found alone on land by the Royal Navy who gave Liam his own ship for finding the Eye of the Storm. Killian never knew the truth of the deal and the two brothers sailed away on the Jewel of the Realm–the future Jolly Roger.

Underworld That Is: Emma heals a stubborn Hook who doesn’t believe he should be saved
after everything he has done wrong. Before he can get too sad, Hook is finally reunited with Liam, who is able to tell Hook and Emma about how to defeat Hades which happens to be a storybook, similar to the infamous storybook of Henry’s.

tumblr_o4pt78euy71t6t8guo2_r1_250Meanwhile, Henry is looking for the quill with Cruella and in the woods, Henry secretly comes across the departed Apprentice, who warns him against using the Author’s quill to bring back Cruella. The Apprentice does inform him that the quill could be found at the Sorcerer’s Mansion. This brings Snow and Charming to the Sheriff’s station where the key is hidden by his brother, James.

The key is brought to the house where Liam, Hook, Regina, Henry, and Emma go searching for the storybook (“Underworld edition”). However, no one is aware of the deal that Hades secretly made with Liam to find the book and destroy Hades’ story. Liam does so before anyone realizes and Emma immediately becomes suspicious of her boyfriend’s brother’s motives.

Emma confronts Liam, who denies it, but when Hook realizes what Emma is doing, he gets mad and says he won’t go back to Storybrooke with everyone. After Emma walks away, Hook discovers that Liam was lying and destroyed the pages. Before he can do anything about it, the crew that Liam let die kidnap them and take them to the fiery sea where they are supposed to be sent to Hell.


As they are about to ‘walk the plank,’ Hades pops in and tells Hook of Liam’s indiscretions, but as Hades goes to kill Hook, Liam sacrifices himself to ‘make amends’ for what he did to Hook. Luckily, Liam did not fall into the fiery pits and was saved by a ship. Helping Hook was his ‘unfinished business’ and Liam and the rest of the crew got on the ship and moved on from the Underworld.

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Hook then realizes that he needs to help defeat Hades, so everyone, including himself, can go home. Back at the loft, an angsty Henry is frustrated for being put on the sidelines by his mothers. With the help of Charming, Henry tells his family that he found the quill, but rather than listening to Cruella, he’s going to become the hero and record Hades’ story and hopefully defeat him.

In Hades’ place, the destroyed pages, make their way to him and we discover that Hades has an interesting past with a certain green witch. That’s right Hades and Zelena have a secret and Hades doesn’t want anyone to know about it.


  • First things first–where were Rumple and Robin? Chillin’ in the woods while all this was going on?
  • Cruella + Charming = ewwwww. Although it makes perfect sense for James and Cruella to be together and Cruella to tease Charming throughout the whole bit.
  • When James and Charming finally come face-to-face, I see a showdown.
  • Definitely agree with Emma’s ‘self-righteous’ opinion of Liam. He has a lot of guts to call out Emma for being bad for Hook, when Liam wasn’t always the best for him.
  • After seeing the Charming/Henry moment, I didn’t realize how much I missed the days of those two bonding while Emma and Snow were stuck in the Enchanted Forest.
  • Didn’t realize that Hades could travel freely in between worlds. Not even Rumple was that powerful.


“Hades, sort of, knocked the handsome out of me.”–Hook

Snow: “I still owe him a punch in his pretty mouth for kissing me.” Charming: “He kissed you?” Snow: “Thought it was you.”

“He’s upstairs going full ’emo-teenager'”–Emma

Henry: “Please don’t make this a lesson.” Charming: “Too late.”

Most Valuable Resident: Jared Gilmore (Henry Mills) We have certainly watched Henry grow up before our eyes on the show. It is such a treat to see him coming into his own and joining the heroes in the fight against Hades. His story seems to be just beginning in the Underworld and I, for on, am excited to no longer see him sitting on the sidelines. All of the interactions with the different characters he met this episode were just the start of it.

Review: 3/5 Unlike most of the episodes in the Underworld, this one had some lulls. But, similar to them all, the was that hook (no pun intended) at the end that made the intrigue of the rest of the Underworld arc so exciting. Hook backstories aren’t always the most exciting (or interesting) compared to the other main characters. However, I was glad there was closure for Hook and Liam and that Hook and Emma had their nice moment at the end.

Next Week: Hades and Zelena have a past together–and it looks like a romantic one. We’ll finally have the return of Zelena and see some past and present (?) stories with her and how it could help defeat Hades in the Underworld. That is, next week, in “Our Decay.”

What are your thoughts on Liam Jones? Too harsh on Emma? A bad big brother to Killian? Are you excited for Henry’s story in the Underworld?

Sound off via Twitter.

Don’t forget to tune into next week’s episode, Sunday @ 8/7c on ABC.










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