OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Our Decay”


Ding-dong, the Wicked Witch is back!

After she was banished to Oz, she returns for her daughter, but makes an accidental detour to the Underworld where she meets up with a surprising person from her past–Hades. Rumple also comes face-to-face with Belle and breaks some happy, then very sad news, that may be hard for her to forgive.

Check out the the recap, review, and thoughts from the episode, along with this week’s Most Valuable Resident and a sneak peek at next week’s episode.

In Oz, of the Past: When Zelena was in control, she was beginning the search for the ingredients for her time travel spell–starting with the brain. The beloved Scarecrow was summoned to her, but before she could Dorothy returns to Oz to save the Scarecrow from Zelena.

In the process of looking for Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Zelena comes face-to-face with Hades. In exchange for helping find the ingredients, Hades wants Zelena’s spell to go back in time to solve his own sibling issues. Turns out Hades’ brother, Zeus, who controls Mount Olympus, stopped Hades’ heart and the only way to restart it is True Love’s Kiss. But, Hades also wants to go back in time to reverse the fates and be in control of Mount Olympus

During the search for Dorothy, there was a spark that grew between Zelena and Hades. When Dorothy was found, Zelena gets the Scarecrow’s brain (RIP), but leaves Dorothy alive. Hades celebrates with a (romantic) dinner for Zelena. Knowing that he loves her, he tries to kiss Zelena, but she resists thinking Hades is using her for the curse. Hades does not take that well and threatens her that she’ll “regret”it.

In Under/Storybrooke of the Present: Rumple is creating a portal for Hades to bring Zelena’s baby to the Underworld. Instead, in Storybrooke, when Belle visits Baby Girl Hood and Baby Neal with the Blue Fairy, she realizes that Zelena masks herself as the fairy and tries to protect Baby Girl from her mother. Suddenly, Rumple’s portal appears and Belle jumps in with the baby and Zelena follows not realizing that the portal goes to the Underworld.

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Zelena realizes that Hades is why they were there and tries to protect her daughter, but Belle doesn’t trust her and goes to find Rumple. Easy enough, she finds him in the library and for the first time, well, ever, Rumple tells Belle two big bombshells: 1) Belle is pregnant and sold their unborn child to Hades, thanks to his first deal and 2) Rumple is the Dark One (again) and he never wants to give up the power.

Understandably, Belle’s not happy and looks for others from Storybrooke. She comes across Regina, Robin, and Zelena, who went directly to them to find their daughter. Zelena still wants to be a mother to her daughter, but Robin is cautious. In a moment, Robin allows Zelena to feed their girl, but Zelena immediately poofs them away. Later, poor Zelena realizes that she is more of a danger to her daughter than she hoped and returns her to Robin to protect her from Hades.

Meanwhile, Henry is trying to figure out how to record stories as The Author. Stories keep getting magically written, but he has no memory of writing them so he goes full-on “teenager” and gets frustrated.

Snow also continues to become frustrated with her distance from Baby Neal, left behind in Storybrooke. The Blind Witch gives them a way to talk to him through a phone booth. Unknown whether their message got to Neal, Henry later shows his grandparents that the message did get through when a story was magically written about Neal hearing his parents from Storybrooke. Immediately, Snow is ready to take on Hades so they can all go home to Storybrooke.
In the town center, Zelena comes face-to-face with Hades, who tells her that he was trying to protect, not harm, her daughter and revealed he still loved her and everything in Underbrooke was for her, including the appearance. Zelena is still wary of Hades’ trust and promises to get her daughter back on her own.


  • What a weird role-reversal to see Regina calm in a showdown with Zelena while Robin is ready to take her on. Understandable, of course, but it’s still Freaky Friday-ish.
  • When will we find out Baby Hood’s name? It better live up considering she has been nameless for so long.
  • I love that Toto made a quick appearance with Dorothy and even helped save a day for a second.
  • How horribly frustrating is Rumple?? He keeps trying to defend Belle loving him, but makes it way worse.
  • For someone who has lied multiple times to his wife, the fact that he dropped the biggest bombs on his wife in matter of seconds of each other is shocking.
  • More a logistical thing, but shouldn’t Neal at least be like crawling by now. Time works differently on Once Upon A Time, but they are having him seem like the same age as Baby Girl Hood, when she was born at least 6 months (probably more) after him.
  • As much as Henry seems like a moody teenager, it seems he’s more frustrated with not understanding his “Author” powers and having the adults think they know more than him. This may be one of the few times where the teenager may actually be right.


“Who the hell am I? That question is more appropriate than you know.”– Hades

“We officially have a teenager on our hands”–Emma

Most Valuable Resident: Rebecca Mader (Zelena) For someone who has always seemed like an unreedemable villain, Zelena’s changes for her daughter were heart-wrenching in this episode. No matter what she did, she couldn’t win, but with all of the scenes with her daughter you wanted her to have a win. Even in story with her connection to Hades, Zelena was someone you hope gets a happy ending, maybe for the first time since she arrived.

Review: 4/5 After a strong focus on the heroes in Underbrooke, Zelena returned and took center stage. It was the perfect story for her to come forward and it worked well with not only Zelena’s future could mean, but also what Zelena’s past with Hades could mean for defeating him. There was a little time for everyone, but Zelena’s arc in just the one episode was a turn-around for the character we have known.

Next Week: In “Her Handsome Hero,” look’s like Belle’s story is taking focus when her the origin of how she met Gaston is told. In Underbrooke, Gaston has some vengeance out for Rumple in the Underworld (not surprising).


Were you happy with the Hades/Zelena almost love story? Any predictions on Baby Girl Hood’s name? How are the heroes going to defeat Hades?

Sound off via Twitter: @ATowninMaineSB

Don’t forget to tune into next week’s episode, Sunday @ 8/7c on ABC.





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