OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Her Handsome Hero”


Another week in the Underworld.

This time around we saw more of Belle, but also Gaston returned (by a new actor, Wes Brown) and we saw the first meeting and learned why their marriage was arranged.

So continue on for the brief recap, or skip to some thoughts and memorable quotes from this week’s “Her Honorable Hero.”

Enchanted Forest of the Past: Belle’s past is revealed when she is introduced to Gaston for the first time. Even if his reputation is bad, Belle gives him a chance, but when they come across a young, injured ogre, Belle wants to give it the benefit of the doubt, while Gaston does not feel the same way.

When Belle finds a way to determine its intentions (a mirror where the eyes will give its intentions), Gaston makes her believe that the ogre attacked him, but she later finds out that Gaston beat the ogre and Belle learns Gaston’s intentions are evil, thanks to the mirror.

Unfortunately it’s too late because of Gaston’s actions  the ogres begin the war on Belle’s kingdom and her father, Maurice, arranges for Belle to marry Gaston so army will help.

Underbrooke of the Present: Desperate to save her child, Belle goes to Rumple with simple terms: no dark magic or there is no hope for them. Hades has other plans when he comes across some ‘hope’ (in the form of a flower) in the Underworld. He goes to Gaston, who has a vendetta against Rumple, and tries to get him to send Rumple to the “River of Souls.” The first attempt doesn’t kill Rumple, Belle decides to figure out his ‘unfinished business’ and with a clue from their past–Belle believes the ‘business’ is her.

She was wrong because when Gaston and Belle meet he tells her that the memory of Belle is his punishment in the Underworld. Hades who offers Belle a deal: to let the fighting continue between her husband and former fiance until someone lands in the “River of Souls.” If Belle does, the deal for her child will disappear.

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Rumple quickly breaks the ‘no dark magic’ deal when he learns this and poofs himself and Gaston near the “River of Souls.” Belle is able to stop Rumple by tricking him into taking the dagger, but that doesn’t stop Gaston. When he tries to kill him, Belle accidentally pushes Gaston into the “River of Souls” protecting Rumple (Whoops!).

Unfortunately, the deal isn’t broken between Belle and Hades since Rumple didn’t kill Gaston and just like that a once fresh flower dies, killing the ‘hope’ Hades saw.

Elsewhere, Emma’s bad dream seems to be coming true when a ‘beast’ lands in Underworld and stalks Emma, Hook, and supposed victim, Snow White. The trio end up tracking it down and learn it is actually Ruby back in wolf form.

Regina also confronts Zelena about her past with Hades, who still has feelings for her and leaves her a token by way of the dead flower (romantic, I guess?).



  • The meaning behind the episode title, “Her Handsome Hero,: did not have as much meaning to the overall story as I thought. It was basically a footnote.
  • The sympathy for Zelena continues. I am growing to like her more and more as we see her vulnerable side.
  • Emma has looked more disheveled in Underbrooke more so than anyone else. Is it a post-Dark One thing or something deeper we’ll soon learn about?
  • Rumpelstiltskin rant: Sure he’s the Dark One, but the manipulation and compulsive lying to Belle is ridiculous. As for Belle, it’s like she takes 3 steps forward in standing up for herself and then 10 steps back when she forgives him. Not cool.
  • Continuing rant: How, how, how could Belle possibly think of giving Rumple the dagger back? He lied to her not 1 hour before and she just gave it back! Sure, she was upset about Gaston, but Rumple does not deserve to be in control of the dagger.
  • Who else is curious if defeating Hades is endgame, or if ‘defeating’ him just means he gets a happy ending with Zelena? Their story is definitely not finished.
  • How does Regina think Hades could not find Robin in the woods? Robin’s good, but not that good. Underbrooke is his territory, Hades would certainly find a way to find him.
  • If you haven’t seen this Tumblr post, it is hilarious! Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) is noticeably seen fixing his hair with his Hook hand. Talk about method acting.
  • The Regina/Zelena moment was actually sweet. I’m liking that Regina is trying to be a sister to Zelena even if Regina doesn’t fully trust her.
  • Soooo….Red is back. Does that mean she somehow died or did she find a loophole to get to the Underworld for some reason?


“I’m glad your reflexes are better than your sense of style”–Regina, to Hook

“I don’t have issues.”–Emma

Most Valuable Resident: Emilie de Ravin (Belle) Belle has definitely been seen on the sidelines for a while, but it’s always a great turn when she stands up for herself. It especially is wonderful when she stands up against her husband, Rumple, who rarely gives her the honest truth. Even if she ended up forgiving Rumple (again), the strong side of Belle where she stood up against her father, Gaston, Hades, and Rumple (for a short time) is the Belle we like to see.

Review: 3/5 While it was great for Belle to be front and center for a change, the episode seemed more forgettable than other stories from this arc. I am interested in how Belle is going to save her child, but I don’t know if Gaston was worth the story.

Next Week: Ruby and Mulan return with their own story from the past. They team up with Dorothy in Oz to fight Zelena, but in Underbrooke it’s a different story between Zelena, Ruby, and even Hades in “Ruby Slippers.”








Were you shocked by the return of Ruby in Underbrooke? Was Gaston’s story worth his return?

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