OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Ruby Slippers”


A milestone episode for Once Upon A Time. And also a milestone that many fans have been waiting seasons for.This week’s episode marked the beginning of OUAT’s first LGBT couple.

Sparks flew when Dorothy of Kansas and Red Riding Hood met in Oz, but a road block and a trip to Underbrooke got in the way for Ruby to be with her own True Love.

Read on for random episode thoughts, Most Valuable Resident, and more for this week’s “Ruby Slippers.”

In Oz of the Past: Ruby searched for her pack, with the help of Mulan, to find a sense of belonging. On the search they met Toto, and his owner, Dorothy. Ruby and Dorothy had an instant connection that they discovered more after Zelena stole Toto as collateral.

While looking for Toto, Ruby tells Dorothy about her wolf-like appearance and when Dorothy meets the wolf, Ruby thinks that she scared her away when she disappears that night.

But, come to find out, Zelena put Dorothy in a sleeping curse in Oz.

In Underbrooke of the Present: Ruby arrives in Underbrooke to follow Zelena for repercussions against Dorothy. When Ruby learns the truth, she wants to find Dorothy’s deceased Auntie Em to bring back a form, thanks to the ruby slippers Zelena stole, of True Love’s Kiss to wake Dorothy. Unfortunately, Hades intervened and liquified Auntie Em leaving no one able to wake Dorothy.

However, Snow has a friend-on-friend talk with Ruby where Ruby reveals her feelings for Dorothy, but her fears of revealing them.

Elsewhere, Snow is desperate to communicate with Neal, but her name is marked to stay in Underbrooke. When Charming finds out that the magic phone to talk to Neal is taken out by Hades, he enlists Hook with a way to get Snow home. Hook uses his, well, hook to cross out Snow’s name and replace with Charming’s name. This gave Snow a way to leave with Ruby via the ruby slippers. Ruby arrives in Oz to Dorothy and with True Love’s Kiss was able to wake her.

Also, Belle goes to Zelena for a way to keep her baby, and becomes more petrified that Hades could speed up her pregnancy. Against Rumple’s wishes, Belle ends up using a sleeping curse on herself in order to protect the baby from coming sooner. However, Rumple cannot wake her up, and Rumple must get her father, Maurice, to give her True Love’s Kiss and wake her up.


  • First off, Ruby + Dorothy = Awwww…. (plus gotta love the Wolfie/Kansas nicknames)
  • Hades will really do whatever it takes to win Zelena.
  • Just the first few moments with Snow and Ruby and it was obvious their friendship was missed from those early OUAT moments.
  • There must be a connection between OUAT villains the instant sass because every one is always on point. Tonight’s example: Cruella’s “Chisel-chin, Jr.” comment to Charming.
  • The tally is officially up to around 6 people being under the sleeping curse. Wow…too many?
  • Regina had a fantastic satisfying smirk when she finally convinced Zelena to hand over the ruby slippers.
  • The Dorothy/Ruby connection was evident from the first moment they met. It seemed obvious Auntie Em wasn’t going to work for True Love’s Kiss. I didn’t see Hades ‘killing’ her to be the reason why.
  • I also wonder how long they’ve been wanting Dorothy and Ruby to meet for the pure coincidence of being able to use the episode title, “Ruby Slippers.”
  • The Captain Charming bromance is alive and well!! What a great moment between the two.
  • Should Henry have returned with Snow? He definitely would’ve put up a fight, but he is 13 and in the Underworld.


Emma: “I’m not very good at goodbyes.” Snow: “No, it runs in the family.”

“Just because you’ve made one bad move…or 30.”–Regina, to Zelena

“I guess you’ve grown on me a bit.”–Charming, to Hook

Most Valuable Resident: Meghan Ory (Ruby) It’s been some time where Ruby was the star of an episode–and this was a big episode for Ruby. She went through a full range of emotions: fear, sadness, anger, badass-ery, and, lastly, happy. It was a welcomed return for our favorite wolf and now she has her own happy ending. Hopefully, we’ll see Ruby and Dorothy again in Storybrooke.

Review: 3.5/5 After the unnecessary (and distracting) Red/Mulan/Merida episode during the Camelot arc, the bar was not set high for this episode. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by how all of the stories were catered to equally this episode. Ruby’s had a story worth telling and we also saw some great moments between the beloved, and missed, friendship of Red/Snow. It wasn’t perfect, but these episodes are keeping me intrigued for the end of the arc.

Next Week: Cora’s back, David and James finally meet, and Hades promises chaos to Zelena. Looks like there will plenty of sibling rivalries for our Underbrooke heroes for the episode adequately named, “Sisters.”

Are you officially shipping Ruby/Dorothy? How will Rumple save Belle? Does Hades have ulterior motives with Zelena?

Sound off via Twitter.

Don’t forget to tune in to Once Upon A Time Sundays @ 8p/7c on ABC!


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