OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Sisters”


Family reunions all around!

With sisters, mothers, and brothers reuniting, there were plenty of issues and resolutions for many people in Underbrooke.

Check out the thoughts, Most Valuable Resident, and a recap for this week’s episode, “Sisters.”

In Enchanted Forest of the Past: When lonely, only child, Regina injures herself on Cora’s magic, there is only one person who can help save her–the sister she never knew she had, Zelena.

Cora goes to Oz to get Zelena and sees her abusive adoptive father berate her for her magic. Cora leaves their relationship a secret and brings Zelena to Regina and saves her.

Now, Zelena and Regina begin to bond and when Zelena also opens Cora’s blood-magic wand case, they realize they are sisters.

Unfortunately, when they confront Cora, she still wants nothing to do with Zelena because of how it will affect her and Regina’s future. Zelena is forced to go back to Oz and Cora gives them both potion that will make them forget they ever met.

In Underbrooke of the Present: After realizing the devastation that Hades and Zelena could have together if Zelena restarts Hades’ heart, Regina goes to the one person who could break the Wicked couple apart–Cora.

With the help of a potion to get Zelena to forget Hades, Cora confronts Zelena and tries to earn her forgiveness, but Zelena doesn’t fall for it knowing it was a trick.

However, Cora was telling the truth and was able to restore to moments when Regina and Zelena met as children. Now that she has helped her daughters, Cora has finished her business and (surprisingly) is able to move on to the light place.

In other places, David finally comes face to face with his twin, James. James gets the better of David and knocks him out and replaces him to trick Emma into getting him to Robin’s baby for Hades’ spell.

David gets free and when James and David duke it out David accidentally pushes James into the River of Lost Souls.

Lastly, with Belle under a sleeping curse, Rumple makes the decision to go dark and recruits his teenaged father, Pan, and kidnaps the person who gave Belle the curse–Zelena.


  • Once Upon A Time continues to do a stand-up job with casting the younger counterparts of our favorite characters.
  • I almost forgot that Cora and Hook go back many, many years.
  • Finally, David and James meet in Underbrooke. Josh Dallas is fantastic at being awful James and the kind David in the same scene.
  • Emma’s “superpower” certainly failed when her uncle posed as her father.
  • I bet all mothers wish they had the ability to stop their daughters from slamming the door in their face.
  • With the many times Cora has blatantly lied to her daughters, it’s impossible to trust her.
  • I can’t believe Cora told her daughters that Zelena couldn’t be apart of their family because how it would affect Cora and Regina’s future.
  • Sure Cora redeemed herself (slightly) in the end, but seriously how was she able to go to ‘the light?’
  • Rumple really has gone off on the deep-end if he recruits his sociopathic, teenaged father, Pan.


“I don’t think my sister and the rest of her terribly fable of self-righteous do-gooder friends will want to share their home with Lord Death and the Wicked Witch.”–Zelena

“Will you make chaos with me?”–Hades

“We’re not teenagers sharing a bedroom. You lost your right to privacy well forever ago.”–Regina

“Why is everything in the woods with you people?”–Cruella

“Condensed version? Zelena and Hades are on the verge of being World’s Worst Power Couple.”–Emma

“If Belle preferred eternal slumber to another moment with you that’s hardly my fault. I’d say her judgment is improving.”–Zelena

Most Valuable Resident: Josh Dallas (Charming/James) When you have a twin with loads of resentment, things are bound to get complicated. But, on OUAT, Josh Dallas had to portray two very different characters in the same episode and even the same scene. Josh Dallas was so great at playing the two characters there were times you could forget that it was one actor.

Review: 4/5 Plenty of family moments this week. Seeing the good sisterly moments between Zelena and Regina and not-so-good moments for James and David was a treat. A classic OUAT cliffhanger left me wanting to know what father and son could even have planned.

Next Week: Hades (for some reason) offers a way for the heroes to get home and Emma and Hook are the ones who go on the adventure in “Firebird.”

Are you happy how Cora left things with her daughters? What could Pan and Rumple have planned for Zelena?

Sound off via Twitter.

Don’t forget to watch Once Upon A Time Sunday on ABC @ 8p/7c!


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