OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Firebird”


True Love, betrayal? All in a day’s work for Once Upon A Time.

For Hades, he’ll do anything to get Zelena back even going to people he hates the most–the heroes. Of course, there were some ulterior motives on his end, but by episodes end Storybrooke was the destination for *almost* everyone.

Check out highlights from the episode, thoughts, opinions, and this week’s Most Valuable Resident in “Firebird.”


  • In the past, Emma meets a bounty hunter while searching through her past in Maine. Though nothing comes of it, the meeting gives Emma two important things: the beginning of her life as a bounty hunter and the origin of her red leather “armor,” while helping the bounty hunter with her unfinished business and searched down her daughter she gave up for adoption.
  • In Underbrooke, Hades breaks the deal with Rumple to get Zelena back while also promising the heroes they can return to Storybrooke. Unfortunately, Hook still can’t leave and Hades gives them a way to split Emma’s heart properly.
  • He sends them to the depths of the Underworld where an ambrosia fruit can help someone ‘cheat death.’ However, when they get to the bottom, they realize Hades tricked them and above the other heroes are locked in the library by Hades after he escapes to the portal with Zelena and Baby Hood.
  • Hook and Emma have a tearful goodbye knowing he cannot return with them and Emma makes Hook promise to ‘move on’ and not wait for her in the Underworld.
  • When Emma returns to the top, her and Regina magic their ways out of the library to the portal before it closes. Henry leaves behind the storybook to help people figure out their unfinished business to move on themselves.
  • For Rumple, he tries to wake Belle up now that the contract is broken, but it doesn’t work. His father, Pan, gives him Pandora’s box (remember that?) to transfer her only if he gets Pan a heart to return to our world. Rumple tricks Pan and gives him a heart that was touched with water from the River of Lost Souls.
  • Finally, the heroes get to the portal in time, but after Hades enters Storybrooke with Zelena. Emma leaves Hook behind doubting she did everything she could. Knowing that Emma promises to never lose anyone else and they finally head back home.


  • There are times when I find the Hades/Zelena relationship endearing, while also simultaneously nauseating.
  • The build up to restarting Hades’ heart felt anti-climactic compared to other True Love Kisses. Is it because of the villain angle?
  • As someone who’s favorite relationship is the Charming family, how does Emma give David a pass-over before she descends into the deepest of the Underworld? Seems odd.
  • Because of how frustrating Rumple has been, I got a lot of pleasure knowing Rumple’s kiss on Belle didn’t wake her up. Not because I don’t like Belle, but because Rumple finally realized that he can’t just win Belle back.
  • Gotta love the return of Steathly, the 8th dwarf! Guess he has had some deep-seeded anger against Grumpy.
  • Hook was never my first choice for Emma, but I have definitely come around to him. I figured that out when I saw the good-bye between Emma/Hook and teared up a little when Hook did.
  • Rumple may be frustrating, but thank goodness he finally defeated his father after years of daddy issues. Though Robbie Kay will be missed as Pan.
  • I really thought Zelena was going to be the one to double-cross the heroes, but it looks like its Hades that is double-crossing everyone…including Zelena.
  • So glad there was a meaning behind Emma’s famous red leather jacket. It almost makes me love it more knowing there’s more reasons to why she wears it.
  • There was this fear that Emma and Charming weren’t going to get through the portal because Emma thought that was the perfect time to make a speech. Nope, it was time to get home.


“You think the ex-pirate with a rum habit would cut my sister some slack.”–Regina

Emma: “Let’s have this be the last time this happens today.” Hades: “Just trying to help.”

“Come on, kid, it’s Arizona, not hell.”–Cleo

“Why can you only tell me how you feel when there is imminent death.”–Hook

Most Valuable Resident: Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) Many times whenever Emma cries, it is hard not to be emotional with her. This was no exception. No matter where you fall on the Emma ‘ship war, seeing Emma say goodbye to yet another love is heartbreaking. It was also a great change to see Emma’s past searching for her then unknown parents and also getting her famous “armor.”

Review: 4/5 This episode had a lot of solid elements that make for great OUAT episodes. First, it had more of an origin story for Emma that didn’t seem off track from the present story and it also had plenty of stories in the present that keep us coming back for more. From Hades’ plan to Hook’s goodbye everything makes it more intriguing for how the season could end.

Next Week: Only 1 episode left before the big season ending finale and it looks like it’ll be a doosey. Everyone is back in Storybrooke, but Hades has plans that could mean the end of a beloved character in “Last Rites.”

Were you surprised by Hades’ double-crossing? What do you think is next for Hook? Any ideas at all for who’s funeral people are attending in the next episode?

Sound off via Twitter.

Don’t forget to watch the final 2 weeks of Once Upon A Time season 5, Sundays at 8p/7c on ABC!


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