OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Last Rites”


Another good-bye to a beloved character in Storybrooke.

Finally back to the real Storybrooke, Hades is still up to no good and will do anything for control over the small town if that means destroying people in it.

A sad and somewhat controversial death occurs that could rock the lives of many characters.

Continue on for highlights, lots and lots of thoughts on the episode, and this week’s Most Valuable Resident for “Last Rites.”


  • Upon arriving in Storybrooke, Hades almost immediately kills an absent King Arthur who is sent to Underbrooke and runs into Hook.
  • The two begin an adventure to help Emma find Hades’ weakness (aka the torn pages from the storybook) and learn it is the Olympian Crystal, which will kill someone and bypass the Underworld.
  • Hook gets the pages to Emma and feels like he can move on, while Arthur believes the ‘Broken Kingdom‘ he was meant to fix was Underbrooke.
  • Back in Storybrooke, Zelena still trusts Hades, but Regina tries to prove he is evil. Zelena hides out with him in Regina’s office mending the Olympian Crystal to kill Regina and Outlaw Queen try to rescue his daughter from them together.
  • When they reach the office, Hades attempts to kill Regina with the Crystal, but Robin sacrifices himself for her who then must convince Zelena to destroy Hades with the Crystal–which she does.
  • At an impossible-not-cry funeral, Regina, Roland, and everyone say goodbye to Robin with rose-clad arrows and Zelena offers a name for her and Robin’s still unnamed daughter–Robin.
  • Emma, meanwhile, is unable to grieve over Hook. After finally coming to terms she goes to his grave, but lucky for her Hook ran into a strangely younger-than-Hades, Zeus, who commends him for helping destroy Hades and gives him a second chance and Hook returns to Storybrooke and is reunited with Emma.
  • Oh, and Rumple tries to get Belle’s father to wake her up from the sleeping curse, but he won’t until he knows Rumple is out of his daughter’s life.


  • I was totally thrown off by appearances of non-Storybrooke people just thrown into the story. Merida? I was so confused by her quick reappearance when they could’ve used any Storybrooke character.
  • Everytime there is a Charming family reunion I can’t help but get a little misty. I just love that family so much. But really, how many more times is Snow going to have to console Emma after losing one of her loves?
  • Anyone else thrown off for a 1/2 second when Arthur popped into Underbrooke’s Granny’s? I forgot it was Underbrooke and not Storybrooke.
  • Also, the daddy/daughter Emma and Charming sweet moments are always adorable.
  • It was kind of odd to see the truly angry Robin get mad at Regina. I mean, he had a right to his anger at her, but it was still weird.
  • Boy, was I rooting for Moe during his confrontation with Rumple. Rumple DOES NOT deserve Belle. If Robin and Regina can’t be together, I certainly don’t think Rumple should get chance 50 with Belle.
  • Zelena and Belle have a strong similarity in that they are both blinded by being in relationships with sociopaths.
  • The second Robin told Regina that she was his future, I knew it was not going to end well for him. So much frustation.
  • I had so little hope in Arthur. I thought he was going to push Hook into the River of Lost Souls. I mean, why would Hook allow Arthur to sit behind him?? Rookie move, pirate.
  • Seriously, Regina with her speech to Zelena? Complete puddle of tears.
  • Dang it, it’s really hard not to like Zelena anymore, especially with the ’bout time sister bonding that is happening to Regina and Zelena.
  • So Zeus is not the Zeus I remember from Hercules. He basically was the same age as his son. I thought Zeus would be at least like Hades age, not a 20-something.
  • That funeral?!? More tears. The arrows. Roland (an orphan)–will Regina take him in? The goodbyes. OUAT funerals are too much.
  • I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but it was way too predictable to name Baby Hood, Robin. Sure it’s symbolic, but it’s too close to what Snowing did with Baby Neal. Too close of stories.
  • Lastly, I’m glad Hook survived and all, but how is it that Robin can’t survive, but Hook gets 50,000 chances? Robin Hood deserved better. And so does Regina.


“He’s not a man at all. He’s a god.”–Zelena

“Denial, grief, anger. Can we just get to acceptance?”–Hook

“Thought you guys would come back soon. I smelled a bromance.”–Blind Witch

Arthur: “You have a healthy dose of faith.” Hook: “More like hope.”

“Who needs a plan when you got plain luck on your side?”–Robin Hood

Most Valuable Resident: Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills) Seriously?!? Regina has been through too much and once again we have seen her lose her true love. Not only did she say goodbye to Robin, but immediately after had to convince her sister to kill her own true love with a moving speech. I’m hoping that even with Robin gone, a great relationship is being created with Zelena and Regina.

Review: 4/5 Though it was not the best episode for Robin Hood fans, there were a lot of great parts to love about the episode. Telling a complete present timeline story felt necessary so close to the end of the season. Random characters seemed to pop up which felt odd, but there was plenty of moments for others. Robin, Regina, and Zelena were MVPs telling the end and beginning of two relationships. It was a quality penultimate episode for the end of the season.

On the Season Finale: With her True Love dead (again), Regina may be returning to her Evil Queen ways and Henry seems to have destroyed magic on the 2 hour season finale, “Only You” and “An Untold Story.”

How devastated are you by Robin Hood’s death? Did he deserve it? Could it have been done better? How will Regina react to Hook’s resurrection?

Sound off on Twitter.

Don’t forget to watch the 2 hour season 5 finale of Once Upon A Time at a special time 7p/6c this Sunday on ABC!


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