In Memory of Robin Hood: A Look Back


A week ago, we said good-bye to Robin Hood, the classic thief who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

On Once Upon A Time, he had a much bigger role as the man destined to be Regina, the (former) Evil Queen. Unfortunately, with Robin’s death, he not only leaves Regina behind, but countless friends and Merry Men and his two young children, Roland, and the now named daughter, Robin.

Let’s take a look back at memorable moments and reasons we will miss Robin Hood (Sean Maguire)’s on OUAT!

1. The first time Sean Maguire appeared as Robin in Rumple’s castle.

2. When Robin proved how good of father he is to Roland.

3. When Robin saved Snow and Regina from a flying monkey.

4. When Robin and Regina bonded in Storybrooke.

5. Robin and Regina’s first kiss.

6. Robin saves Regina’s heart from Zelena. 

7. When Robin told Regina he loved her and (eventually) reunite.

8. Robin’s hilarious Cat in the Hat moment at the library with Will Scarlet.

9. When Robin left Storybrooke with his family and said goodbye to Regina.

10. Robin chasing a criminal on horseback through NYC.

11. Learning more about Robin’s origin.

12. When Robin sacrificed himself (the first time) for Regina in Camelot and Regina saved him. 

13. Robin’s protectiveness over Henry.

14. Robin with his daughter. 

15. Robin’s death and heartbreaking funeral.

There are plenty of other memorable moments and reasons we are going to miss Robin Hood.

What are your favorites?

Don’t forget to tune in to the season finale of Once Upon A Time at a special time 7p/6c on ABC!


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