OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Only You” & “An Untold Story”


Season Five has officially come to an end.

From Camelot to the Underworld, our Fairy Tale heroes (and villains) have been many places. That certainly didn’t stop with the finale where the group was split between Land Without Magic and the Land of Untold Stories.

We met a new villain, reintroduced to another, and another villain stayed just about the same.

Check out some thoughts from the 2 hour season finale, “Only You” & “An Untold Story,” along with quotes, Most Valuable Resident, and a review of the episodes.

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Sisters”


Family reunions all around!

With sisters, mothers, and brothers reuniting, there were plenty of issues and resolutions for many people in Underbrooke.

Check out the thoughts, Most Valuable Resident, and a recap for this week’s episode, “Sisters.”

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 4


The Once Upon A Time 100th episode is getting closer and closer.

We are now getting more into season 2 where we meet new and important characters along with introducing our the characters we love to the Land without Magic.

It is now time for moments 24-30!

If you’ve missed moments 1-23 click here to check them out.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 2


Last week began the countdown of 100 moments of Once Upon Time’s 100 episodes.

With the ABC show in it’s fifth season there have been plenty of moments that have made the show the fairytale story that it is.

Today we continue with moments from way back in season one. From Snowing to Rumbelle and even Abigail and Frederick, this addition has many favorite couples represented.

Now let’s begin moments from episodes 10-16!

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