13 Times Storybrooke Should’ve Believed Henry about the Curse


Henry has spent much of his time in Storybrooke sitting on the sidelines while his parents and other family members have fought the battles against witches, Dark Ones, and much more.

But, before they were doing that they were a town of people who had no idea that they belonged in a world of fairy tales and heroes and villains. Henry was the one who brought Emma to town and Henry was also the one who spent months trying to get her and anyone to believe the truth of their pasts.

Now that Henry is older, he wants to join in and while his parents may not always agree, they should remember who brought them together in the first place: .

Below is a list of 13 different times where the town of Storybrooke should have listened to Henry and believe his seemingly far-fetched idea about the Dark Curse.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 1


There are just shy of 50 days until Once Upon A Time returns with their Underworld arc to save Captain Hook. That also means that we are 49 days from the 100th episode of the fairytale inspired series.

The 100th episode will feature the return of many characters, including Big Bads, like Peter Pan and Cora and also take our favorite characters, such Emma, Regina, and Snow White to a new world to explore.

In honor of the big event, today we’ll begin the new weekly series of 100 different moments from the entire series of the Once Upon A Time.

Let’s begin with moments #1-9.

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Once Upon a Blog…


Welcome, one and all, to a new blog I am starting, dedicated exclusively to the ABC show, Once Upon A Time.

OUAT, as it is known to fans, is my favorite show right now.  When I started watching this show mid- season one, I had no idea it would become an obsession, but after the season 1 finale, “Land Without Magic,” I was forever hooked (no pun intended).

My first interest in the show was my love of Disney.  I have been a fan since birth and I loved the connection and re-telling of the stories that Disney made famous.  Other appeals, included actress’ I love, Ginnifer Goodwin (from He’s Just Not That Into You) and Jennifer Morrison (from How I Met Your Mother)—I know they have both had plenty of other great roles (Big Love, House), but these were the parts I knew them from at the time.  Of course, once I started watching the show, I saw the phenomenal talent of the rest of the cast, including Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle.


So, this is why I am beginning a blog.

Ever since the obsession began, I have followed every, and all, news topics on the show, from spoilers to cast announcements to Comic Con and Paley fest appearances.  Some of the ways I stay in touch with the new news about OUAT is by following the cast and creators on Twitter (a must for those who do not already). Adam Horowitz, one of the co-creators, always has a lot of good stuff about the show.

What will this blog contain, you may ask?

Well, I will have recaps of new episodes, casting announcements, and any important news related to the cast and show.  Since I am also involved on Tumblr, I may post my favorite fan vids or graphics I see on my Dashboard and I think should be shared.

To get things started before the highly anticipated season 4 Frozen (!) premiere “A Tale of Two Sisters,” airs, I am doing an OUAT rewatch.  Starting tomorrow, I will be watching some of my favorite episodes from seasons 1 and 2 along with the entirety of season 3.  Throughout the rewatch, I will periodically have a recap of random thoughts I had during my rewatch to share, until September 28 (aka the season 4 premiere).  (This comes after I did a rewatch during the mid-season 3 hiatus from January to March, and it definitely eased the OUAT-less pain.)

So join me as I begin this new blog about a favorite show of mine that, I believe, everyone should be watching!