OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Only You” & “An Untold Story”


Season Five has officially come to an end.

From Camelot to the Underworld, our Fairy Tale heroes (and villains) have been many places. That certainly didn’t stop with the finale where the group was split between Land Without Magic and the Land of Untold Stories.

We met a new villain, reintroduced to another, and another villain stayed just about the same.

Check out some thoughts from the 2 hour season finale, “Only You” & “An Untold Story,” along with quotes, Most Valuable Resident, and a review of the episodes.

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Firebird”


True Love, betrayal? All in a day’s work for Once Upon A Time.

For Hades, he’ll do anything to get Zelena back even going to people he hates the most–the heroes. Of course, there were some ulterior motives on his end, but by episodes end Storybrooke was the destination for *almost* everyone.

Check out highlights from the episode, thoughts, opinions, and this week’s Most Valuable Resident in “Firebird.”

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Sisters”


Family reunions all around!

With sisters, mothers, and brothers reuniting, there were plenty of issues and resolutions for many people in Underbrooke.

Check out the thoughts, Most Valuable Resident, and a recap for this week’s episode, “Sisters.”

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Souls of the Departed”


It’s about time.

It seems forever since there was a fresh Once Upon A Time. Finally, there is no need to wait. The 100th episode brought a lot of intrigue and plenty of heartbreak as the ‘heroes’ entered the Underworld to begin their quest to save Hook.

In the story of the past we saw more of the destructive relationship that Regina has had with her mother and even filled in a plot hole from way back in season 1.

So let’s begin with the first recap of the newest arc along with quotes, thoughts, and Most Valuable Resident.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 12


There is only 1 week left until we finally return to the world of Storybrooke.

After many months, the adventure will begin to save Captain Hook from the Underworld.

Until then, the 100 Episodes, 100 Moments series continues with the return of a character, the backstory of a villain, and a twist involving another wicked villain.

Let’s continue with moments #80-86!

If you’ve missed moments 1-79, check them out here.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 7


We are halfway through the 100 moments leading up to the spring premiere of Once Upon A Time.

Fifty episodes in brings us to the Storybrooke troop taking on Once‘s sociopathic version of Peter Pan in season 3A (as it may be referred as). In the early moments we saw a character’s origin story along with multiple characters learning revelations about themselves and their family members.

So let’s begin with moments #45-51!

Missed moments 1-51? Check them out here.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 6


Only 4 weeks until the spring premiere of Once Upon A Time with the 100th episode in the Underworld.

We are at the end of moments from season 2 with battles between good and evil, fairytale characters being resurrected, and Emma’s big moment with her parents.

Let’s continue with moments #38-44!

Missed other moments? Check them out here.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 5


The new addition of 100 Episodes, 100 Moments has arrived!

We are getting closer and closer to Once Upon A Time’s 100th episode and hopefully closer to Emma’s quest to save Hook in the Underworld.

For now, some of the moments we are remembering include Emma and Snow’s return from the Enchanted Forest, Belle’s memory loss, and the father/son reunion centuries in the making.

Let’s dive into moments 31-37!

Missed the other moments? Check them out here.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 4


The Once Upon A Time 100th episode is getting closer and closer.

We are now getting more into season 2 where we meet new and important characters along with introducing our the characters we love to the Land without Magic.

It is now time for moments 24-30!

If you’ve missed moments 1-23 click here to check them out.

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