100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 3


Here we are again with the continuation of the 100 moments of Once Upon A Time.

We are just under 40 days away from the return of Once Upon A Time and their Underworld arc.

We’ll meet characters from the Disney movie, Hercules, along with characters from past OUAT arcs.

For now, in this edition, we’ll go back in time to the end of season 1 when everyone was trying to convince Emma the curse was real (feels like forever ago, right?!?).

So let’s begin with moments 17-23!

If you’ve missed moments 1-16, click here and here.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 2


Last week began the countdown of 100 moments of Once Upon Time’s 100 episodes.

With the ABC show in it’s fifth season there have been plenty of moments that have made the show the fairytale story that it is.

Today we continue with moments from way back in season one. From Snowing to Rumbelle and even Abigail and Frederick, this addition has many favorite couples represented.

Now let’s begin moments from episodes 10-16!

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 1


There are just shy of 50 days until Once Upon A Time returns with their Underworld arc to save Captain Hook. That also means that we are 49 days from the 100th episode of the fairytale inspired series.

The 100th episode will feature the return of many characters, including Big Bads, like Peter Pan and Cora and also take our favorite characters, such Emma, Regina, and Snow White to a new world to explore.

In honor of the big event, today we’ll begin the new weekly series of 100 different moments from the entire series of the Once Upon A Time.

Let’s begin with moments #1-9.

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Mother”


Beginning of the end of season four.

A week before Mother’s day had reunions, forgiveness, a pregnancy, and a resurrection (kind of). Seems appropiate, right?

In addition to this, Rumple finally got his wish for the Author to write his happy ending, but what that looks like should be interesting.

Check out the recap, review, and more of this week’s episode, “Mother.” Sound off on your own thoughts in the comments.

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Lily”


With only three episodes before the season finale, Once Upon A Time is kickin’ it up a notch.

After years, the truth behind Emma and old friend, Lily’s, connection is revealed and Robin and Regina’s moment is quickly shattered by some craaaazzzyyy news.

Check out the recap, review, and more of this week’s episode, “Lily.” Sound off on your own thoughts in the comments.

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Brothers & Sisters: Our Favorite OUAT Siblings


Today is National Siblings Day.

Once Upon A Time has built its foundation around being about family and we’ve seen that in many forms.

One is the sibling bonds, or lack thereof. Separated at birth, half-siblings, magical siblings, it’s a diverse group and all share very different relationships.

Check out the gallery below for some of these memorable sibling bonds that have been shown throughout OUAT.

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Best Laid Plans”


The Author has been found. But, how did they release him from behind the door?

Well, with the help of Henry and August, more answers were given about who The Author was.

In addition to that, we saw a different side to Snow and Charming with more of their past with Maleficent revealed. Turns out they are not the goody heroes we know.

Check out the recap, in addition to my random thoughts I had throughtout the episode. What did you think of “Best Laid Plans?” 

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Unforgiven”


Now, two episodes in, and were learning more about the Queens of Darkness’ motives.

First, revive Maleficent, but not if the Charming duo stop them. There also was plenty to learn from Snowing’s past, for one, why Emma can’t know their past with the Evil Trio.

Now check out the recap, along with my thoughts from the episode. Do you agree?

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