OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Firebird”


True Love, betrayal? All in a day’s work for Once Upon A Time.

For Hades, he’ll do anything to get Zelena back even going to people he hates the most–the heroes. Of course, there were some ulterior motives on his end, but by episodes end Storybrooke was the destination for *almost* everyone.

Check out highlights from the episode, thoughts, opinions, and this week’s Most Valuable Resident in “Firebird.”

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Sisters”


Family reunions all around!

With sisters, mothers, and brothers reuniting, there were plenty of issues and resolutions for many people in Underbrooke.

Check out the thoughts, Most Valuable Resident, and a recap for this week’s episode, “Sisters.”

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Labor of Love”


It seems like it has been forever since we had Snow White at the forefront of an episode.

After an episode, like this week’s, it reminds us why she is such a beloved character and why the relationship between her and Regina is one of the most flawed, but greatest, relationships that has truly grown before our eyes.

This week’s episode had us meeting the beloved Olympus hero and learned his history with a young Snow White. We also saw more of Hades and saw Hook fighting for his life to get back to Emma.

But, this episode was really all about Snow White, the former Mary Margaret, and how she made that transition back to the kick-ass hero we love.

See below for the recap of this week’s episode along with thoughts, a review, quotes, and (the obvious) winner of Most Valuable Resident.

Now let’s begin!

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Souls of the Departed”


It’s about time.

It seems forever since there was a fresh Once Upon A Time. Finally, there is no need to wait. The 100th episode brought a lot of intrigue and plenty of heartbreak as the ‘heroes’ entered the Underworld to begin their quest to save Hook.

In the story of the past we saw more of the destructive relationship that Regina has had with her mother and even filled in a plot hole from way back in season 1.

So let’s begin with the first recap of the newest arc along with quotes, thoughts, and Most Valuable Resident.

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100 Episodes, 100 Moments: Part 6


Only 4 weeks until the spring premiere of Once Upon A Time with the 100th episode in the Underworld.

We are at the end of moments from season 2 with battles between good and evil, fairytale characters being resurrected, and Emma’s big moment with her parents.

Let’s continue with moments #38-44!

Missed other moments? Check them out here.

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “The Dark Swan” Season 5 Premiere


The season five premiere of Once Upon A Time has finally arrived and there was no short of activity. There were some knights, a wicked witch and a new land for Storybrooke to discover.

But, how did Emma’s new turn as the Dark One change the character we’ve grown to love over the past four seasons?

It’s time for an all new recap for the season 5 premiere, “The Dark Swan.”

Check out below for a recap, quotes, random thoughts, and OUAT’s Most Valuable Resident for the episode. 

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I’m Coming Home–OUAT “There’s No Place Like Home” Recap


I am finally at the end of my hiatus rewatch. Which means that Once Upon A Time finally returns tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier.

Of course, the last recap I am doing is part 2 of the season 3 finale “There’s No Place Like Home.”

Previously on OUAT, Emma and Hook got sucked into Zelena’s time portal and were brought back to the Enchanted Forest (circa OUAT season 1 episode 3 “Snow Falls”). Problem is that Emma messed up the moment her parents met and her and Hook had to go to Rumple for help on how to fix the future. While trying to fix the mistake at a ball for Charming and Abigail (yup, she returned for a hot sec), Emma is sent to jail by Regina for helping Snow escape.

I think that’s enough to catch up on.

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To Break a Curse–OUAT “A Curious Thing” Recap


Getting so much closer to the season 4 premiere of Once Upon A Time, and only one more countdown recap after today.

So let’s get things started with the recap of “A Curious Thing.”

To catch up, Zelena is using Regina’s heart, Charming’s courage, Rumple’s brain, and only needs Snow’s baby so that she can go back in time to kill Snow’s mother, Eva, who is responsible for Cora giving Zelena up. By killing Eva, Cora will keep her so she has the life she always wanted which means Snow, Emma, Henry, and Regina would never have been born.

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Goodbye, My Friend–OUAT “Quiet Minds” Recap


We are getting closer to premiere of Once Upon A Time and closer to the end of season 3. Tonight I am doing a recap from part 2 of the season, “Quiet Minds,” the episode where we say goodbye to an important character (at least to me).

So let’s begin,

Previously on OUAT, Zelena is wreaking havoc in the past and present of the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, but no one knows she’s the Wicked Witch yet. Also, Neal has been missing since the new curse began. Oh, and Rumple is alive.

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Happy Endings are Different–OUAT “Going Home” Recap


The half-way point of season 3 and that means we are only half a season away until the new season premiere.

So time for another recap for “Going Home,” and based off my Favorites page, it is also one of my favorite episodes of the series. Woo-hoo!

Last we saw the Nevengers (there’s that term, again), Emma and Neal were reunited, Hook revealed his feelings for Emma, and Henry was stuck in Neverland with Peter Pan. Now, some five episodes later, everyone is back in Storybrooke and Pan switched bodies with Henry. It’s a lot of info, I know.

But let’s recap this episode.

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