In Memory of Robin Hood: A Look Back


A week ago, we said good-bye to Robin Hood, the classic thief who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

On Once Upon A Time, he had a much bigger role as the man destined to be Regina, the (former) Evil Queen. Unfortunately, with Robin’s death, he not only leaves Regina behind, but countless friends and Merry Men and his two young children, Roland, and the now named daughter, Robin.

Let’s take a look back at memorable moments and reasons we will miss Robin Hood (Sean Maguire)’s on OUAT!

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Last Rites”


Another good-bye to a beloved character in Storybrooke.

Finally back to the real Storybrooke, Hades is still up to no good and will do anything for control over the small town if that means destroying people in it.

A sad and somewhat controversial death occurs that could rock the lives of many characters.

Continue on for highlights, lots and lots of thoughts on the episode, and this week’s Most Valuable Resident for “Last Rites.”

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8 Fatherly Moments from the Dads of Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time has had their fair share of fathers. Many are great (Charming, Robin Hood), and some not-so-much (Peter Pan).

With the many father figures around there are so many great moments that they have shared with their children. Defending them, bragging about them, and even sacrificing themselves.

In honor of Father’s Day, here are a few moments from the best of the best of dads from Storybrooke and beyond.

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The Wicked Witch and Robin Hood are Staying Put


Storybrooke has a couple of new mainstayers.

In the back half of season four, there was quite the shocker when Robin Hood discovered Marian wasn’t actually Marian, but Zelena, the Wicked Witch. Not only that, but she became pregnant with Robin’s baby.

Well, it seems we are going to see plenty more of Robin and Zelena in season five.

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Heart of Gold”


After a quick hiatus, Once Upon A Time has returned to a big reveal from Robin’s time in NYC.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, The Author is on the loose, and, well, that’s about it.

The episode focused on mostly on the origin of Robin Hood and the unlikely pair that is Robin and Rumple in New York.

Check out the recap, along with my random thoughts, quotes and my quick review. What did you think of “Heart of Gold”?

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FairyTale Friday: Robin Hood


A new addition in the FairyTale Friday series. This time a comparison of Robin Hood’s story.


Sean Maguire and I at NYCC

Robin Hood has become a staple on Once Upon A Time, thanks to his relationship with Regina (Team Outlaw Queen).

But how has the traditional story changed from folklore, to Disney film, to his portrayal on Once Upon A Time? For starters, Sean Maguire is not a fox (ok, maybe figuratively, but not literally, like in the Disney film).

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