OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Her Handsome Hero”


Another week in the Underworld.

This time around we saw more of Belle, but also Gaston returned (by a new actor, Wes Brown) and we saw the first meeting and learned why their marriage was arranged.

So continue on for the brief recap, or skip to some thoughts and memorable quotes from this week’s “Her Honorable Hero.”

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OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Devil’s Due”


The Underworld is getting more and more twisty now that our Storybrooke characters have entered.

This week brought the return of a very connected character that finally was able to return, thanks to the Underworld, Milah.

Rumple uses Milah’s past with Hook to assist Emma and him in saving Hook from Hades. On the journey, we learn of a grave mistake Rumple made during his marriage to Milah and how those mistakes will haunt him all these years later.

Check out the recap for, “Devil’s Due,” along with quotes, thoughts, and the Most Valuable Resident for the episode.

And now to begin.

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