13 Times Storybrooke Should’ve Believed Henry about the Curse


Henry has spent much of his time in Storybrooke sitting on the sidelines while his parents and other family members have fought the battles against witches, Dark Ones, and much more.

But, before they were doing that they were a town of people who had no idea that they belonged in a world of fairy tales and heroes and villains. Henry was the one who brought Emma to town and Henry was also the one who spent months trying to get her and anyone to believe the truth of their pasts.

Now that Henry is older, he wants to join in and while his parents may not always agree, they should remember who brought them together in the first place: .

Below is a list of 13 different times where the town of Storybrooke should have listened to Henry and believe his seemingly far-fetched idea about the Dark Curse.

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